Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sliding back to normal

The house is quiet and Hershey is missing her little buddy. Me, too! They all arrived safely back home yesterday afternoon, and I will have to admit I was pretty tired last night.

So what's going on already this morning? The women's marathon at the London Olympics! As I type, they have about an hour to go. I can't imagine running 26.2 miles in two-plus hours. Actually I can't imagine running 26.2 miles at all. I've all but crossed it off my bucket list, not because it's completed, but because it's something I'm never going to accomplish.

However. My motto has always been "never say never," so I'm not calling it a total fail. Yet.

Two of the three American women are still in the lead pack; the injured Davila started but had to drop out. It's raining, raining, raining in London, but I bet the runners are only dimly aware of the weather. The streets are lined with cheering crowds and yes, it definitely is inspiring!

There's been a local commercial running throughout the Olympics for the GOP gubernatorial candidate. I have to mute it whenever it comes on (which is far too frequently) because the gist of the ad is an Obama slam. This guy (his name is baloney Maloney) appears to be running against President Obama instead of West Virginia's current Governor Tomblin. (Earl Ray, how's that for a West Virginia name?)

The reason, in my Democratic opinion, is because Tomblin and Maloney believe in pretty much the same thing. How can Maloney slam the current governor when the current governor stands for the same things the Republicans do? Here in West Virginia, coal is king and most of the candidates (Senator Jay Rockefeller is the lone exception) blame President Obama and the EPA for a loss of coal jobs.

It's not true, but try telling that to a Faux News viewer.

At any rate, when I start writing about politics again you can bet life here in the Middle of Nowhere is back to a little more normal.


Winnie said...

I was wondering if you got to watch the Obama video on BlogHer from the conference? I am on my way home now, and thought that was awesome.

Diandra said...

Well, how much do you run? (If you never start, you'll never complete a marathon. And even if you never do run a marathon, running is still worth trying. If you body can keep up with it, that is.)