Sunday, August 19, 2012

The party's over

Five p.m. today is the deadline for comments if you'd like to win the fourth and final Summer of Yarn Giveaway. I haven't reduced the size of my stash by much, but every little bit helps, and I'm moving toward a mind-place where I don't really need a lifetime supply of yarn. Not quite there yet, but close.

I was sick yesterday, sick enough to spend the day in bed. Sick enough to sleep most of the day and all night, too. Well, most of the night. At 4 a.m. I was wide awake and hungry. As I write, I'm having a bowl of yogurt with cinnamon, a banana and a little brown sugar. And coffee. I must be feeling better because I never drink coffee when I'm sick.

Done and ready to fill with goodies.
While I don't feel ill this morning, I also don't feel terribly energetic or motivated to do any of the bazillion things that need to get done around here. I'm kind of sorry the bag-knitting is finished. I still have a sweater on the needles, but I'm not terribly motivated to finish it at the moment. Still, though, knitting is knitting and after a fairly long stretch where I didn't knit a stitch, it felt good to be working on a project again.

I might just tuck myself into the den with a movie and the sweater and hope my getting-things-done mojo returns tomorrow.

We're supposed to have a lot of rain today, so that gets me off the hook for any kind of outdoor work. The next several days look good as far as temperatures go. I always think of August as the hottest month of the year, but July definitely was this year. It's been in the 80s all month so far, and the humidity has come down considerably. That's always a good thing.

You know you're getting old when you're excited about getting your dentures tomorrow! Or maybe Tuesday. You'll be the second to know. Heh. Aren't you glad the denture adventure is almost over? (I'm probably jinxing myself by writing that … I hear it can take up to six months to get used to them.)


denise said...

sorry to hear you were not well yesterday. But I'm very happy that you will be getting your new dentures soon. I hope you leap ahead of the curve and are accustomed to them in no time at all

jen said...

No reason the work can't wait until you feel better. Hope that's soon!