Tuesday, August 7, 2012

These are a few of my favorite blogs

In no particular order, and for lots of different reasons:

Reticulated Writer
Better After
Woulda Coulda Shoulda
Walden Effect
Eat, Live, Run
Perfect in our Imperfections

As I scroll through my Google Reader feed, these are the blogs I click on right away. I'm so greedy, I can't wait to read what these folks have written first. Don't get me wrong: All the blogs in my feed are worthy, or they wouldn't be there. But there's something about these – history, inspiration, good writing, wonderful examples, useful information – that makes me can't wait to read them.

How about you? Who can you not wait to read? Tell me in a comment (and if you're not interested in winning 10 skeins of Icelandic wool, mention that so I don't throw your name in the hat).


Anna said...

You're sweet to put us on the list. :-) My favorites generally have great photos combined with great info. Currently, that's milkwood.net and matronofhusbandry.wordpress.com and sugarmtnfarm.com. In the great-but-doesn't-post-enough category, favorites include japanhomestead.blogspot.com, appalachianfeet.com, seedyeggs.com, and thehennery.blogspot.com.

Anna said...

Oops, I meant to add --- I'm not a knitter, so you shouldn't add me to the giveaway. :-)

Winnie said...

I love looking to see what blogs people love to read. I will check out the ones you listed. I love to read crafty blogs, cooking blogs, personal blogs etc.

My favorites I check daily:

www.homesicktexan.com (yes, I am a New Yorker, but .....)
www.thepioneerwoman.com (again, something about ranches and country life appeal to me)

denise said...

Why, you, of course! Yours is the only blog I read consistently every day. I have a few others I pop in on fairly frequently, but often I will wait several days and then read multiple entries, but yours is the one I read every day and the only one I have set up on my RSS feed!

Anonymous said...

I love to read How About Orange!!! She always has awesome tutorials to show me :)


jen said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I don't know what to do with wool, but I had to say that I love your blog too.