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Au contraire

An anonymous commenter said, regarding yesterday's post about Governor Romney and airplane windows, "I guess telling you he was joking would not sway you."

Well, Anonymous, I stand corrected. (But President Obama still has my vote. And who are you, and where are you from?) The first hit on a Google search showed the reporter who wrote the story that went viral knew it was a joke from the start. Unfortunately, she didn't report it as such.

And, frankly, it seemed plausible that Governor Romney wouldn't understand the principles of aerodynamics, given that he studied law and business, not science.

The larger point, however, is that once again he was speaking off the cuff, unscripted, and came across as not quite in touch.

He needs to be more careful. Or not, my guy's ahead right now and if Governor Romney continues to speak artlessly, well, that's fine with me.

I'm not going to sway his supporters, either. My job is to get Democrats to the polls in an election year that is quite a bit less exciting than the one in 2008. Sarah was, if nothing else, entertaining.

"Keep your Mitts off Medicare" doesn't quite have the same oomph as "Sarah Palin doesn't speak for this woman" when you read it on a button.

What I think will happen in my state is that those Democrats who are disappointed in President Obama will either vote for him reluctantly or vote for the Green or Mountain Party candidates. Those Republicans who think Governor Romney would dismantle the social programs which work and help so many here in West Virginia AND those Democrats who just can't bring themselves to vote for a black man won't vote for President at all.

It takes much longer to go through a ballot candidate-by-candidate than it does to simply scratch the rooster, which is what we're encouraging Democrats to do. But when a convicted felon gets 40 percent of the Democratic vote in the primary, the Anyone But Obama party appears to be strong here in the Mountain State.


Winnie said…
I find that a lot of bad reporting on election years as everyone is in a rush to "report" news. I love how passionate you are when you write about issues that matter to you. If everyone took the time to vote and have an opinion, I think the country would benefit. I have a brother in law who doesn't vote, meanwhile, his very elderly parents who fled China to bring them here, vote in each election. He is so non committed in politics. I would be surprised if he knew the VP's name. UGH.

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