Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Quote Day (an occasional resurrection)

"Is it ignorance or apathy?
Hey, I don't know and I don't care."
~ Jimmy Buffett

So here I am, the morning after the final day of an overscheduled week in which I got everything done and all my expectations were met.

I tried very hard not to think about how many people would attend last night's screening of Iron Jawed Angels. I knew of a couple people who were bringing a couple more people, but I'd really hoped to meet new people, people who weren't already a part of the Devoted Democrats.

And I did, actually. I met three new people, one of whom was just 17. She took a voter registration form with her. She'll turn 18 next month and will vote for her first president November 6. 

All in all, though, we could have held this event in a large living room. The upstairs of my garage (usable floor space is about 25-by-20 feet), for instance, where we had several exciting and enthusiastic parties four years ago. Instead of in a cavernous public hall with more empty chairs than filled ones.

Yes, I'm disappointed. I tried not to show it, but you guys know the real me, and there's no point in covering it up with my brand-new smile. Each of the summer meetings of our Democratic women's club have been sparsely attended. Fewer than half of our members came to the event last night, which the Executive Committee (a separate group) called the "kickoff" to the election season. Only two of their members attended.

No sense dwelling on disappointment, right? Those who came were treated to a helluva good film. None of us older women were aware of the torture our sisters endured so that we could cast our ballots 92 years later.

There's a glimmer of hope for younger women, though. That high-school senior will be watching the movie a second time.


In her civics class.


denise said...

Sorry your attendance was not what you hoped, but you did say that it was the first event of this kind your group had sponsored, and you've got to start somewhere. If only a handful of people saw the movie, it's still a handful more than had seen it before

And, just like the old shampoo commercial (can't remember the brand now), if they tell a friend and they tell a friend and they tell a friend, etc. you never know how much fruit the few seeds you planted last night will produce!

Vickie said...

sorry. (hope you did not have to pay for the hall.)