Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mmmmmmm, dinner

So I guess last night was this week's "cheat" day. I didn't go overboard, but I did eat, um, well at the Amish dinner last night, which they hosted as a fundraiser for their school.

Thanks, Vickie, for the information about your community. I'm slowly learning more about our neighbors, and all of it is good.

I'm aware, however, that some of my neighbors don't care for them living here. One in particular has made life so difficult for them that they're selling their roadfront property and moving to acreage they own that is further away from that neighbor. He doesn't like the horse poop, he doesn't like their singing on Sunday, he doesn't like … well, honestly I don't think he'd like anyone who lived across the road from him.

But they were there first, which makes me wonder why he ever moved there in the first place.

Such is the drama of life in the Middle of Nowhere.

Today is the second day of the second week of the Up and Running program. We had more than three inches of rain yesterday, but that's passed on through and it will be a perfect day to run outdoors. I dreamed about today's workout. In the dream, I walked for a mile before I started the warm-up – a warm-up for the warm-up, if you will – in order to add more distance and, thus, burn more calories.

I have trouble keeping track of all the intervals using Skimble. Can anyone recommend an Android app that lets you mark intervals the way a Garmin does? I'm going to ask this question on the U&R forum, as well, but you get first crack at it. Aren't you lucky?

And aren't I, to have such great bloggy friends who go out of their way to read, think, search and answer my questions? (You know who you are!)

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AlisonH said...

It would be so cool to have Amish neighbors! Mr. Surly Person totally missed out.