Thursday, September 6, 2012

Staying up late …

is most definitely not normal for me. I'll sometimes, maybe, stay up for a really good football game, but even then I just figure I can always catch the score in the morning. For me, nothing trumps tired.

I was not tired last night. I starting watching the Democratic National Convention from about 6 p.m. (it begins at 5 p.m.) and went to bed well after midnight. The speakers were amazing and inspiring. Again! Two nights in a row! How can they possibly top themselves tonight?


He was there last night, too. I had a feeling he'd take the stage with former President Clinton, and I was pretty thrilled when he did. We've been watching the convention on C-SPAN – all speeches, no pundits. The cable news networks probably had cameras trained on the President's every move, thus spoiling the surprise for their viewers. Watching C-SPAN makes me feel like I'm part of the event, but with a more comfortable seat and tight close-ups of the speakers. C-SPAN doesn't broadcast in HD, but OH WELL. Lack of analysis trumps lack of HD.

The casting of ballots followed President Clinton's fired-up-and-ready-to-go speech. West Virginia is next to last alphabetically, but I was determined to watch so I could see some of my friends on television. The  delegation chose 18-year-old Hannah McCarley to do the talking – a high-school senior, and possibly the youngest of all the delegates attending the convention.

Of course I wasn't watching without following the action on Facebook and Twitter. And knitting.

The funniest thing that rolled by on Facebook were these texts from Bill to Hillary.

The best tweets were from Invisible Obama.

And I'm down to fewer than 1000 stitches on Jujuba. Time to start planning the next project.

All in all, it was a very good – if late – night.

P.S. I'm an all-in Democrat, not likely to criticize or analyze (with the exception of our former Governor Joe Manchin). There are plenty of blogs and websites for that. Please don't judge me for being Little Miss Sunshine when it comes to the festivities in Charlotte this week. Heh.


D said...

I love your excitement!

denise said...

As I did with the Republican convention last week, I am watching the Democratic convention this week - prime time coverage for both only.

This week, however, I've put a new spin on it by turning to Fox News right after the speeches end. Then I can wonder out loud, "What speech did they just hear?!?"

Last night one reporter kept saying that Clinton's speech was "wonky"...he repeated it a number of times - as it that means something - no clue what he was trying to say. I assume it was the most non-commital negative sounding word he could come up with on short notice.

Across the board the Fox folks said the speech was too long, that most people likely turned it off way before it was finished and that those who stuck with it would likely remember very little from it because it was just too long.

It struck me that it feels like the Republican people - or at the least the right leaning types on Fox really have very little respect for the American people in general and vastly underestimate us!

Finally, one news person said that Clinton had an opportunity to really get people fired up but missed the mark - that his speech was a wasted opportunity...What?!?! Again, I had to think - what speech were you watching, dude?

It's been interesting, that's for sure!