Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunny days + shiny floors =

One rather large speck of something.
And I just ran the dust mop. Grrrr.
lots o'dog hair and lint and dust showing up and driving me crazy.

Of course, I don't have far to go, as some of you know quite well. Heh.

But if 15 daily minutes of scooting the dust mop around the floors and the carpet sweeper on the small rugs helps reduce the number of times I have to do a major, major, MAJOR move-the-furniture mop job, well, I'll do it.

All the plants have now been moved indoors, and not a moment too soon. It could get down to 41 degrees tonight here in the Middle of Nowhere. I'm not sure how the potted plants would fare.

Lots o'dust on the coffee table, too. Note to self:
Next coffee table must not be shiny. Or black.
The inventory increases every year. Last year it was a spider plant, a pot of rosemary and another of chives. This year I ditched the chives, but am trying to overwinter a lantana, a eucalyptus, a laurel bay and a saucer of succulents. I also have a tiny lemon tree in a little pot that is doing quite well, but won't fruit for a couple more years. We'll see what works and what doesn't. I have plants hanging from tree limbs and I'm not sure what to do with them. I haven't figured out where to put them in the house yet. I think they'll spend their nights in the garage until I put up hooks for them indoors.

What's kinda funny about the new plants is that it's a mix of herbs (food) and flowers (decoration). Until last year I didn't care at all about flowers. If it wasn't productive, I didn't want to mess with it. After three summers working at the garden center, however, I've changed my tune. There's not a single food-bearing plant in the landscape bed in front of our house.

But the herb bed, which also contains rhubarb, horseradish and onions, is nearby.

Okay, that's two consecutive gardening posts and I still haven't written about the other stuff rattling around in my brain. Ah, well, it'll wait.

Unless it sifts out while I'm pushing the dust mop.

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AlisonH said...

Now you just need a peach tree from Kearneysville. Heh.