Monday, September 17, 2012

Up and at 'em

I'm usually an early riser. It's rare that I don't see 5:30 shining from the clock on the microwave twice a day. Frequently, however, I awake with no real plan or purpose.

Not today, though. As a designated Amish driver, I'm going to pick up the bakery owner at 7:45 for a short shopping trip. We'd be starting out before that if the grocery opened earlier.

The Amish are preparing a community dinner tomorrow to raise funds for their school and they need some last-minute supplies. I'm going to pick up some nail polish remover while we're there, after my attempt at a creamsicle manicure went awry.

What else. Oh, for Vickie, you can click on the Mmmm Mmmm Good tab at the top of the page and scroll down to the How To section for a detailed description for preserving horseradish. Or you can click here. My dad encouraged me to grow it and warned me that you have to process it outdoors. I didn't find the root to be that strongly pungent last year, but perhaps the second year will be hotter.

And I had to toss my frozen product when the electricity went out this summer, so I'm looking forward to making more. It's supposed to be better after the first frost, but one of our Amish neighbors said his grandmother just dug up a root whenever she needed it.

Who really needs horseradish anyway? Apparently my dad did, and he thought I did, as well. Heh.


Vickie said...

Thanks, very interesting. I love horseradish on veggies.

Winnie said...

I didn't realize there was a such thing as an Amish Driver. For some reason I didn't know they would drive with someone in a car..Wow, I am dippy. I love horseradish, but only bought the full root once as it was so strong while we were peeling and chopping it...Fumes all over..ha ha ha. So funny remembering that. It was delicious though. Now, this hubby can't eat anything he deems spicy and that is. So, I stick with Golds in the jar. Love it on potroast and in the gravy. Also, make horseradish cream sauce for my primerib at the holidays.

Kathy said...

I never acquired a taste for horseradish. Since I live pretty close to Amish territory I was aware they hire people to drive them about to stores.