Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Whittling away on those stitches

I got a lot done last night on Jujuba, even though I only worked on it a couple hours. My Tuesday volunteer gig at the prison doesn't get me home until nearly 9, but I got to watch the convention and get all revved up. Jujuba is perfect revved-up knitting. Heh. I'm down to about 4400 stitches to go.

Our First Lady is the best. So genuine, so beautiful, so earnest and compassionate. I loved her speech. The pundits are saying Michelle could give Hillary a run for her money in the 2016 primary.

It occurred to me that there were a LOT of potential Presidents making speeches last night. I missed Cory Booker, but I think he'd be terrific, as would Mayor Julian Castro (electing a man named Castro might be more difficult than electing one named Obama!).

Vickie, I think it's great that your high school registers 18-year-olds in their government classes. Our county high school does, as well, and our county clerk always has voter registration forms with her. I need to remember to pick some up for our screening of Iron Jawed Angels later this month.

So more knitting tonight, and more speeches, and more inspiration. I only heard one lie: The Affordable Care Act still leaves some people uninsured, and more than one speaker claimed all Americans would be covered. (HR676 would solve that problem, but try getting Republicans to agree to that!) Did you watch any of the convention last night? What did you think?

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Kathy said...

Been watching the convention in bits and pieces so my kids could live the history in the making. My 6th grader is interested because her social studies teacher demands it, and my 1st grader is in his own little world. LOL