Saturday, October 13, 2012

I don't need filters …

I just need to read my freakin' e-mail! Here's the funniest one I found when I plowed through them (finally!) yesterday.

And this is funny why, exactly? Because I telepathically invite the local deer to live in my woods and drink from my pond during hunting season. Hunters are supposed to request permission to hunt on private property, and that hasn't always happened. I've seen men dragging dead animals out of the woods a couple of times, and my husband saw a dead fawn near the pond several years ago. (Who would shoot a fawn!?!?!?!)

As a gardener, I know I shouldn't like deer. This year, especially, I should really, really, REALLY not like them, since they harvested the tomatoes before I had a chance to. But I think they're beautiful and graceful and still, now, 15+ years after I moved here, I run to the window when I catch a glimpse of them in the yard.

If I were gardening to feed myself for the year, I might have a different attitude. But I'm not a survivalist and, well, the deer were here first. And they're pretty!

Honestly? I'm more miffed at the birds for eating all the blackberries. Heh. I'm ready for them next year, though. I now have bird netting and a holographic owl that shines and flutters and is supposed to be freaky-scary to birds. We'll see. It looks pretty benign to me.

Fairy wings tomorrow. I worked at Democratic headquarters today and since no one else volunteered I will be there today, as well. Then football at 3:30, leftovers for dinner (the soup was delicious but it makes a lot) and, probably, more football. WVU is ranked 4th, so we're running out of teams to watch who are better than we are. Not being smug, it's just a fact. Heh.

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