Monday, October 15, 2012

My energy ran out half a yard too soon

So did West Virginia's, apparently. But I'm not talking about football.

Wow, what a miserable sports weekend this was. WVU plummeted from 4th to 17th in the AP poll after being blown out by Texas Tech. Amazingly we came in 13th in the first BCS rankings. The Yankees made it to the ALCS by the skin of their teeth, but have dropped the first two games and lost their shortstop my baseball boyfriend, Derek Jeter, who fractured an ankle. OUCH!

My NFL boyfriend plays tonight. His old team (the Colts) managed three field goals yesterday in their loss to the Jets. And he's not doing so great in Denver so far.

No, when I say "yard" I'm talking about mowing the "lawn," a term I use loosely to describe the field in which we live. The weather yesterday was lovely – warm, sunny and dry. After I raked three huge bags of leaves for the compost bin I used the string trimmer around the herb and landscape beds. Then I got on the mower and cut about half the grass, thinking I would finish up today.

I mow nearly three acres, and unless I'm in tip-top form – which I haven't been lately – I like to split the job into two sessions. Also, it's been kind of dry, and the dust I was kicking up with the mower was annoying. And made me sneeze and itch and need a Benadryl.

So, of course, it's raining this morning. NO MOWING TODAY! Er, I mean, darn it, no mowing today.

I shall, therefore, turn my attention inward and work on tidying up the house. I'm mailing the costume to my granddaughter today, sans wings, because the wings made it look too "homemade with love," if you know what I mean. I called her daddy and hooray! They have a set of wings already.

The structure of the wings was accomplished by sewing long chenille stems onto each piece. You were supposed to do it with a zigzag stitch, but I thought that was a recipe for disaster so I took the invisible nylon thread and a needle and attempted to handsew it. Not quite a disaster, but certainly not lovely, either. Also … invisible thread is, um invisible. Very difficult for old-lady eyes to work with.

Anyhoo, with the sewing project done I can put the guest room back together and begin getting ready for company this weekend. Should be able to finish mowing in a day or two.

I. Just. Can't. Wait. Heh.

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Winnie said...

I am a Met fan as I was born and raised in Queens, but I felt bad about Jeter as he is a sweet man and one of the few Yanks that I like. My best friend in TX is rooting for the Yankees and boy do I miss her ribbing me about the Mets..We do that now on the phone, but it sure makes me miss her. Hope you get your yard mowed. It turned cold up here, so I have a lot to do this coming weekend as I still have tomatoes to pull..

I will be thinking about you tomorrow here when the debate takes place here on LI. My friend is a history professer at Hoftstra and can't even get a ticket to see it...Feel bad for him as he is very into politics. We will be going over to his place on election night as he draws maps I understand and keeps count state by state etc. First time for me attending his gather..Should be a hoot.