Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nearly solved my e-mail problem permanently

You know, if you don't have your password written down or saved someplace, you could be cut off from e-mail for-freaking-ever!

Google notified me yesterday that someone from Peru tried to get into my account, and suggested I needed to change my password. So I did. But that messed up all the Google accounts on my phone and I had, oh, about five seconds of panic before I realized that not getting e-mail on my phone would really be a blessing.

Then, of course, I updated my password and all is well and connected in my little electronic universe.

Since I cleared out the inbox a couple days ago I've been spending 10 minutes twice a day keeping up with it. That's all it takes. I'm not sure why it's so hard to do that when I'm not at home. I'm taking a short trip in a couple weeks, and will try to schedule that itty bitty bit of screen time into my days away.

Hope to finish mowing today. I also have to plant some garlic before it's too late, and I have some pink lilies to put in the landscape bed. Unfortunately, the spot I'd hoped to put them in is still lush with pink marguerites; I hate pulling those out when they're still so pretty. If I don't, though, I'm not sure when I'll get the lilies in.

Moving on …

My husband and I have definitely decided we're having an election-night party. Election enthusiasm is down considerably from four years ago – not ours, but that of some of our friends. Winnie, I'll be thinking of you as you attend your friend's get-together. We do the geeky map thing, as well. Last time we even provided clipboards and markers. We're going to a debate party tonight. With just three weeks until Election Day, I'd better switch into GOTV – and party-planning – mode.


Vickie said...

I am currently reading Dracula, so I smiled when I got to the part about garlic. And somehow, the first time I read it, I thought you were planting GIANT garlic.

reddirtkelly.com said...

ten minutes, 2x per day. Sounds like a prescription for sanity...RDK

Winnie said...

The pumpkin on facebook made me smile! I have my whirly pop on the stove to remind me to pop the popcorn tonight while we watch the debate. Should be an interesting evening! Long Island pride also thrown in too!