Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Short and sweet today

Thanks for your comments yesterday.

Diandra, who lives in Germany, nailed it when she said Republicans base their strategy on fear. I simply refuse to live in my life as a cautionary tale. To some, I may appear a bit reckless. And there are certainly times and situations where I've learned it's best to keep my pinko-Commie-liberal thoughts to myself.

Like yesterday, for example.

I was in a checkout line, sporting an Obama-Biden button on my jacket, when the young man ringing up my purchase said he had an Obama poster on his living room wall.

Silly me, I took that as an invitation to talk politics. Before I could respond, he said, "But I'm sure not voting for him this year. In fact I'm not voting for anyone."

Like this little lady, I also was
rocking my deer-in-the-headlights
look yesterday afternoon.
He went on to say (paraphrasing here), "Here's what I think we should do. Once a year, every American should cast a vote for the politician they'd like to have assassinated. Eventually the politicians would figure out that if they started doing a good job, no one would vote to get rid of them. And we'd sure get rid of a bunch of bad ones."

Whoa, I did NOT want to go there. I thanked him and left. Quickly. I will never patronize that establishment again. (I'm sure other stores sell denture adhesive.) In fact, I think I should probably report him to his manager. (Maybe he is the manager, scary thought.) Whatever happened to 'the customer is always right?'

Yeah, so I was a little rattled after that. But in general, I will stand up for my principles and ideals and I won't back down. (If I just planted a Tom Petty earworm in your pretty little head, well, you're welcome.)

When dealing with a crazy person, however, sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.


Kathy said...

That is just crazy! I would have been wondering why and reacted the same way you did.


Winnie said...

Oh my goodness!(I want to write something else, but good taste dictates restraint...) He is a wacko and a place of business should NOT be a place for that type of talk. You are kinder than me, as I would write a letter and tell the manager to have their cashiers refrain from that type of behavior. I am at a front desk, I can't imagine being allowed to speak to guests that way. Ugh. I don't want to live in his world either..YUCK.