Thursday, October 4, 2012

The debate continues

I watched it.

My blood pressure, normally in the 120/80 range was most certainly elevated as I listened to Candidate Romney's lies. My chest was tight watching his smirk. I actually yelled at the television a couple of times.

Thank goodness for Facebook, or I wouldn't have gotten through it. (Feel free to send a friend request if you haven't already. I like friends! If you click on the Facebook badge on the right you'll get to my page. I think. Heh.)

The highlight of the evening for me came afterward, when my 15-year-old granddaughter texted me:

"Romney is killing me …"

She watched the debate for extra credit in a class which she's already acing. And vowed to never watch another one unless she needs the extra credit. But we had a good back-and-forth conversation about it and she felt President Obama did a much better job.

That's good enough for me. Candidate Romney doesn't have her best interests in mind or at heart. President Obama does and has and will. Yes We Can. Again.

The post-debate analysis will go on and on and on. I'm glad there are four debates this month, at least they'll focus on something new after the next one. (It's a graphic designer's dream is to have something as cool as 10/11/12 to work with when designing items for an event like this.)

I don't update my status every day on Facebook, but threw out several last night, and this one this morning:

I bet the Amish don't even know it happened.


denise said...

I have to admit that if I was on the fence, Romney would have looked better last night - which just goes to show that money can buy a personality. I feel like Romney got his money's worth out of his prep team - and then some!

The President, on the other hand, came off as unprepared and not very engaged. In other words he seemed to be channeling per-debate Romney.

I hope, as some pundits are saying, that this was a clever and calculated strategy on his part. Because it certainly appeared to me that he was a bit gobsmacked by the new-Romney and was unable to think on his feet and match/best him.

I was a little discouraged when I went to bed last night, as I thought in order to see Obama as the winner you had to first have already been on his side before the debate OR have listened very carefully and between the lines to what was being said - something I would not trust the majority of people to do.

I hope they are investing in LOTS-o-prep for Biden...

Susanna King said...

Hi, linked over from NaBloPoMo. :)
I thought Romney sounded convincing, if you didn't know anything about anything. He certainly kept repeating his talking points, right or wrong!

I hope truth wins out in the end, or we're sunk.

AlisonH said...

You've got a wonderful, thoughtful granddaughter!

President Obama looked tired, but he was careful, thoughtful, and diplomatic with his words, as Romney was not. Obama knew that words matter--you choose them and you stick with them.

Romney, after being pressured for a year or so to give specifics on his tax ideas, stated a few hours before the debate that he was going to put a 17,000 cap on deductions and you could choose however you wanted with that amount. Such freedom. That includes mortgage and health insurance deductions--meaning most of the middle class's wages would indeed go up to fund the rich.

Romney last night vaguely mentioned that number and then said or X or Y number! throwing up his hands. In other words, having instantly gotten blowback, he was ditching the plank hours after stating it. Any number will do, just vote for me!

How about I not.

Winnie said...

I was away for a few days for our wedding anniversary and last night watched the debate with my hubby. I told him I wished you could have been watching it with us, as he was yelling at the tv, and turing all kinds of red..I told him Debbi is agreeing with you in WV! Up here in NYC it is Obama country, and we are getting the Big Bird comment on sound bites all day.