Sunday, October 7, 2012

The dilemma du jour

Do I keep doing the Up and Running program, even though I've been advised to repeat week three and everyone else is beginning week five? Or do I put the program aside indefinitely and wait for the various aches, pains and maladies to exit my body.

Keeping in mind, of course, that on my next birthday I will qualify for Social Security benefits. The aches, pains and maladies, just like the hits, will more than likely keep on coming.

The program, if you're not familiar with it, consists of eight weeks of guided workouts with the eventual goal of running a 5K. I used to run and I love the idea of running again. The program was the bridge meant to close the gap between then and now.

But when I wake up on a Sunday morning with unexplained pain in my upper right arm, a creaking right hip and a general fatigue that I attribute to travel+illness, the last thing I want think about is following a running regimen.

That everyone else has lapped me already is a minor thing. It's not like I've registered and paid money to run a 5K the final week. But it's definitely a thing.

I can walk a 5K in less than an hour. I can walk five miles when I really want to.

Do I really need to run?


Waffle-Wednesday said...

Well, I am not a runner, so my thoughts on this may not really register. However, if this is something you Want to do, I think you should find a way to alter the plan to fit your body, and continue to go for it. You set a goal, and even if you come in far behind the rest, and several weeks later, crossing that finish line for yourself matters!! Good luck!

jen said...

Sometimes an easy run can loosen you up and make you feel better. Sometimes a day off is the better choice. Knowing which is which is never easy.

Loki-Lou said...

Some people find running easy, other people don't.

I'm not a runner really, I prefer rock climbing...but I have completed a 5k and 10k run. They hurt me, I trained as much as I could and I can honestly say I hated it.

If this is a goal that you really want to do then go for it! Good luck!

Vickie said...

I now belong to the ZERO impact club. And I am 51. I need to be able to exercise 5-6 days per week, so I have to chose very, very carefully to stay consistent.