Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The message

The Universe sends me a message every weekday morning. They're always personalized, which makes me think they're just for me, but I bet if you've signed up for them you get the same message the same day I do.

No matter. The messages are thoughtful and entertaining. They nearly always make me smile. I don't remember them 10 seconds after I read them, but for that moment when I'm reading, the possibilities are endless.

I probably should have read yesterday's message before I left the house to go buy something to wear to the funeral tomorrow.
You have noticed, Debbi, that people usually do see past appearances?  
Which basically means that on any given day you can wear any old thing and they'll still get your goodness, feel your love, and know you rock.  
Fear not, they really see you -    The Universe 
Still. You don't want to go to a funeral wearing an old t-shirt and pajama pants, right? And besides, I have a big dinner to go to the end of the month and needed something appropriate (and blue) for that, as well. So I found a well-fitting pair of black slacks and a couple different-and-appropriate tops. And since I can't just go to the nearest major town for one thing, I also stocked up at Sam's Club. You can't have too much coffee here in the Middle of Nowhere.

Right now someone very important to me doesn't appear to be "getting my goodness, feeling my love or knowing I rock." That makes me sad. But it doesn't make me want to bend over backwards to be something I'm not. If these notes from the Universe have taught me anything in my drive-by readings of them, it's this:
I'm enough.
And you are, too.


Diandra said...

And if you believe my father, I am not only enough, but plenty. ^^

Waffle-Wednesday said...

Sometimes, a new pair of nice-fitting slacks can really be the thing you need! Right?