Monday, October 29, 2012


Y'all must throw some pretty cool parties! Thanks for all the suggestions for favors in yesterday's comments. Keep 'em coming!

If you're a new reader, feel free to jump in. I'm looking for election-night party ideas that are small enough to fit in a lunch bag and that I can make myself. (Yes, Denise, with what I have on hand.) If you leave a comment by 6 p.m. EDT today, you'll be entered in a random drawing to win one of the swag bags I'm giving away at the party.

I actually did have blue mardi gras beads on my shopping list, Jen, but haven't found them in quantity. I've found them online, but it's too late to get them shipped on time without spending an arm and a leg. And you know what? I don't have an extra arm or leg right now.

What I do have is a trip to North Carolina, beginning Wednesday and returning Saturday. I'll be in the Triangle area. AND I have some non-family time to myself on Thursday, when everyone will be at work or school. Party City here I come!

Here's another one I thought of – you Democrats will love it. I bought some blank 3x5 note pads and will glue on these clever new covers I made yesterday:
  • The Complete Romney/Ryan Foreign Policy Plan
  • The Unwavering Views of Willard Mitt Romney
  • The Compassion of Willard Mitt Romney
  • The Complete Romney/Ryan Plan for Restoring America
  • Willard Mitt Romney's Complete Tax Returns
I love that last one the best. Heh.

In other news, the storms are converging from both the northwest and the southeast and will wreak havoc on parts of West Virginia. Fortunately not my part, but I feel badly for those in the bright-red blizzard zone.

We were originally expecting 5 to 8 inches of snow. Now the weather service is saying maybe an inch today, and little to no additional accumulation tomorrow. But it will be windy, and we're all a little skittish about wind after this summer's derecho. If you pray, please pray that our power remains on. Thank you.

Finally, to answer a just-received comment, here's the Electoral College map I'm using. I think. My husband is going to come up with some pertinent facts and we're going to add a list of swing states. I'm going to remove the verbiage that's already there. If this doesn't suit your purposes, Jen, check Google Images for Electoral College Map 2012. I'm glad my husband is as knowledgeable as he is, because he took one look at my first download and said, "Um, that's the 2008 map."

How did he remember that Texas picked up four more EC votes this election? 'Tis not for me to question, I'm just glad he helped prevent me from looking stupid!

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denise said...

Was trying to think of something clever you could do with teabags - replacing the "tags" on the end with custom messages...trying to of something kind of anti-tea party - like "Dunk the Tea Party" or something like that, but am not feeling very inspired today. I'm about to take a walk, maybe I'll think of something while I'm out.

Also, don't know if you're familiar with Salada tea - it was popular where I grew up in PA and we were particularly fond of it when I was in college because each bag tag had a "fortune" or clever saying on the back, so I was thinking you could do something like that if you made a two-sided design for a tag.