Thursday, November 8, 2012

A little difficult ...

getting back to normal here in the old Middle of Nowhere. I shall, however, do my best.

One thing I feel really badly about is dropping the ball on the Up & Running plan. I so appreciate Shauna's encouragement. I just simply couldn't keep up with everything and regular exercise was the first to go.

I bet none of you have done that before, have you?

Why is it that when we add something – in my case, re-electing a President, heh – to our already busy lives, we find it easier to quit working out than to quit, oh, doing laundry? Or showering? The answer is obvious: Without showers or clean laundry, we wouldn't be welcome just about anywhere.

The truth is, I stopped doing a lot more than exercising as Election Day loomed. I stopped playing my daily Scrabble game with my husband. That takes an hour (we play SuperScrabble). I stopped reading for pleasure, including blogs, magazines, books and most e-mails. And I stopped knitting. Oh, I have a hat on the needles, and I've picked it up occasionally, but it's been pushed waaaaaaaay the hell to the back burner.

The busy-ness is over, for now. The weather is pretty decent. We're still in the middle of football season and I haven't dropped my Netflix subscription. I'm not waiting until Monday to push the reset button on my life. Today I will dig out that hat, watch a movie and knit.

Tomorrow I will walk. And you will get to read all about it. Thanks for putting up with me, if you did, and if you left for a while, well, thanks for coming back.

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