Sunday, November 18, 2012

And in the middle of this month of writing …

we get this gift.

I hope you'll click and read it. And I hope if you like reading and writing as much as I do that you'll appreciate my lack of words today and, instead, feast on those of Anne Lamott.

You're welcome.


denise said...

A great read - thanks for finding and linking to it.

Unlike Anne, I grew up in a house where the TV was on every waking hour and we had no restrictions on how much we watched while we were home and awake. Primarily this was because of my father who was wheelchair bound and unable to do much more than watch the television.

And, although I have no conscious recollection of having anyone reading to me (my mother tells me that my grandmother read to me as a small child), I somehow still became a voracious reader and a lover of libraries.

I am so grateful for that. Sometimes I talk to someone who says something like "Oh, I don't ever read." And I have to wonder - what do you DO? It sounds like such a depressing existence to me.

In any case, thanks for sharing!

denise said...

My word verification for that last comment was: 100 joymenF...

Can't help but think there's a message there somewhere! ;-)