Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Breaking down the goodie bags

Well, you all know who won the election and you surely must know how thrilled I am. It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to run for an elected office. And guts, did I mention guts? Sadly, the local and state candidates I worked for lost, with one exception. Could I have done more? Possibly, but one can only do so much. Like so many Democrats, I'm in a red state feeling blue.

EXCEPT for the top spot in the country, of course. Last night when all the networks called the election for the President I think the neighbors probably heard the cheers coming from our house. Most of the neighbors weren't cheering.

Anyway. Denise, who came up with some great goodie-bag ideas, asked that I not mail one to her, but requested pictures. So today's belated post is a little photo-heavy. Apologies in advance, I tried to shrink and optimize them down so they would still look good but load quickly.

Ready for distribution. These are just plain white favor bags from Hobby
Lobby. I downloaded the Obama sunrise logo and printed it on sticker paper.
The scrubby sponge needed an explanation, easily accomplished by
printing a tag on business card stock, punching a hole in the corner
and then threading and attaching it with butcher's twine.

Was it Winnie who suggested printing labels for Hershey Nuggets? Genius!
(And you never sent me your address, Winnie, if you still want a bag
let me know and I'll send you one.)
The cute little flip-flop keychains I found at Party City.

I designed these and printed them on magnetic paper in my inkjet printer,
then trimmed them with a paper cutter.
Custom covers for blank notepads. The binding at the top is Washi tape.
Obamacillin – the cure for Romnesia. Strangely, though, they taste just like M&Ms.
Another business-card stock project. I printed these tags two-up and cut them
in half, since a little ring didn't need a big tag. Hole punch, baker's twine, done.
This was a great idea, thanks, Denise. I printed the messages on plain paper,
cut, folded and glued them and tucked a teabag inside. Everyone loved them.

My personal favorite of all the favors. We're ready to start campaigning
for the first female President of the United States!

Thanks again for your patience with me the past couple (few?) months. I'm going to try to get back to the blog's mission of knitting, running walking, reaping and eating. You're welcome. Heh.

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denise said...

Wow - the goodie bags turned out great - so many fun and creative things! Thanks for posting the pictures.

It was an exciting night last night. I have to admit I had a sick feeling that Romney might win, so was both glad and surprised when Obama won so handily in the end.

Fingers crossed that all of the "across the aisles" talk is for real. Would be great if a lot got accomplished in the next few years.