Saturday, November 10, 2012

Clean. Simple. Good.

After many weeks of being too busy to comb my hair, let alone exercise or cook healthful meals, I'm actually looking forward to a bit of normal prior to the holidays. And, truly, the holidays don't provide many challenges for me. We don't have big family gatherings, we're eating Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant, Christmas will be low-key, as it usually is here in the Middle of Nowhere.

Cooking is something I actually enjoy, and I've gotten into a rut of throwing something together at the last minute or eating previously frozen leftovers. Nothing wrong with that, but I'm ready for a spell of clean eating. I promise I'm not going to go crazy with it. I was inspired by a magazine of the same name  I saw yesterday at the grocery, which I browsed through but didn't buy.

What I did buy were apples. And potatoes. My husband has been on a baked potato kick, while I've been eating leftover party food. But his simple baked potato looked very appealing to me last night. I also have some sweet potatoes "in stock," and while all of this sounds very high-carby, it also sounds very simple. And clean. And healthful.

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I started my day today with coffee and a poached egg on wheat toast. Clean. Simple. Delicious.

Thursday I walked 1.6 miles, yesterday I walked two miles. I'm going to try that again today and hope my hip doesn't start hurting as it did yesterday. If it does, I'm going to switch to the elliptical.

There will be football (let's gooooooo, Mountaineers!) and knitting today, simple meals, and a nice walk in beautiful weather.

And speaking of weather, those on the East Coast continue to suffer from last month's and last week's storms. My husband mentioned that some parts of New Jersey will be without electricity until Thanksgiving, maybe even Christmas! If you text, it's as easy as pie (mmm, pie) to help out. Text the word SANDY to 90999 to donate to the Red Cross. Doing so will add $10 to your mobile phone bill. And who knows how much it will add to the lives of those who are dealing with the aftereffects of climate change these weather events.


Susanna King said...

The egg on toast looks delicious.
Which football team do you watch? My husband's watching the USC Gamecocks.

Debbi said...

Edited to add that we're going to watch the WVU Mountaineers. That said, we do admire Coach Spurrier. When he was coaching the NFL Washington Redskins, we called them the Washington Spurriers.