Saturday, November 3, 2012

Heading home

All good things must come to an end, and that includes long weekends that begin with candy and end with meeting Jennette! After mumble-mumble years of reading her blog and being inspired by her in oh-so-many ways, we've at last arranged a face-to-face meet-up. This morning!

I will then drivedrivedrive for hours in order to get back to the Middle of Nowhere and turn myself into a party planner. Or giver.

I just pray it will be a victory party.

I got out and about on this visit more than on any previous one. Well, except maybe for the City of Oaks half-marathon I ran five years ago here. (This year's event is tomorrow. Get out and support the runners if you can.) I think I would be very happy spending even more time here in the Tarheel State.

When something goes wrong around our house or property – currently we have leaky gutters and a stubborn front door – my husband voices his desire to "move to a condominium in Carrboro (NC)," and I do think we'll end up there someday. If we live long enough. We've each lived in condos or townhouses before, and the low maintenance is appealing.

I'll have to find a way to grow something, though. I'm not sure he realizes just how much I enjoy gardening.

Ah, but who knows what the future holds? All I can do is take it a day, an hour, a minute at a time, and live as much and as fully in the present as I possibly can. Plan the plans, don't plan the results.

Which is difficult to do when the current Big Deal is three days from now. Oh … three days and an hour. Set your clocks back tomorrow, you Daylight Savings Timers. Time to fall back and reclaim that hour we lost last spring. I'll be spending it cooking or cleaning or decorating or partysomethinging. 

How about you?


Vickie said...

my guess is there are LOTS of community garden plots available in the carrboro area.

Do you get the same humidity in WV that they do in that part of NC? I could not summer there.

My husband's mother had a condo in Chapel Hill and then a cabin on a lake in Highlands to get away from the summer humidity.

MadAnne said...

Community gardens was going to be my suggestion. Or become a Master Gardener you will have lots of opportunities. I'm heading to WNC on Election Day. Hopefully there will be a celebration that night.