Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shopping wipes me OUT

Armed with lists for three different stores, I set out yesterday morning around 10 to shop. And shop. And shop.

Six hours later I was unloading the car. And four hours after that I was sound asleep. Plum tuckered out, my dear ol' daddy used to say.

I ended up going to five different stores because I remembered when I was near Lowe's Hardware that I've pinned several ideas for coasters made of square ceramic tiles. (The link takes you to waaaay more ideas than what I've pinned so far.) I swear ceramic tiles must be the cheapest thing Lowe's sells: 16¢ each! I bought a dozen, and enough cork and glue for another couple dozen, should I decide to go into the ceramic tile coaster business. Heh.

And I went to two different Wal-Marts.

(Yes I know W-M is the evil empire but I'd have to drive twice as far and cross a state line to get to the nearest Target. What's a liberal to do? Waste all that fossil fuel by driving further or shop at Made in China? Besides, the people who work there need those jobs. W-M is the largest employer in the state of West Virginia. It's a dilemma, for sure.)

Anyway. Before I left the house I made the bookmarks, so I could find matching fabric for the journal covers. (If this is your first time visiting KRRE, I'm making four seasonal journals for my kindergartner granddaughter for Christmas. Previous posts offer more details.) I am so grateful for generous and talented folks like Jessica Stansberry, who shared a free download of a chevron Photoshop brush, which made the bookmark project go a lot faster.

Armed with the bookmarks, I headed to the first W-M for a couple things Sams doesn't carry. While there, I checked out their scrapbooking stickers and found a boatload of appropriate themes for just a buck each. The second W-M had even more, and I came away with 15 sheets. The only occasion I couldn't find stickers for was Thanksgiving.

The text on the bookmarks encourages the use of photos and drawings. The journals should have a nice variety of illustrations and stories of what happened between Christmases beginning when she was 5-1/2. I hope they will be treasured keepsakes.

Clearly, finding stickers was the highlight of the day. Choosing fabric was easy and I stuck to the list at Sams. NO DILLYDALLYING, because I was already, um, plum tuckered out when I got there.

Anyway. While I didn't actually work on any crafty stuff yesterday I gathered a lot of materials/ingredients and am ready, ready, ready to rock and roll.

Coasters – check.
Journals – check.
Edible gifts – check.
Knitting – always!

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