Thursday, November 1, 2012

Traveling makes me ...


Uneventful trip yesterday. The most snow I had to deal with was in my driveway, so that was good.

I was again the candy-passer-outer for trick or treat, but my granddaughter couldn't wait to come back home and help. She loved her Rosetta dress, and looked really beautiful in it.

So glad I learned how to sew, way back when.

Just found another PERFECT goodie-bag party favor at Party City: flip-flop keychains!

My son's wifi is down, so I'm blogging on the phone and it is, um, tedious. Probably not as tedious as reading this disjointed drivel, though, so I'm going to spare you any more of it.

Signing off. Yawn.

1 comment:

Vickie said...

Okay, flip flop key chains are pretty darned clever.