Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Two, two, two posts in one!

How very serendipitous that today's photo prompt – "what you wore" – coincides with my new slippers being knit, sewn, felted, dried and worn!

Duffers. Done.

See? (Finally! An Instagram photo of my footwear, which seems to be a very popular subject.)

These were knit using the Duffers Revisited pattern, which is probably four times more pattern than I needed. Google found the British designer's blog, where I learned that the plain old Duffers pattern (for one pound) as opposed to the Revisited pattern (for 3.75 pounds) would have sufficed.

But it's the holiday season, and it feels good to support boutique designers. Plus the money in my PayPal account is burning a hole in my virtual pocket.

(I'm going to be adding more yarn for sale on eBay very soon. Because PayPal is hungry. And I have more yarn than I'll ever knit in my ever-diminishing lifetime.)

For the Duffers I used two strands of Lite Lopi for the grey sole and one strand of a bulky wool (the label is upstairs in the garage and it's dark outside and I'm not going over there to check the brand, but maybe I'll update this later) for the upper pink part.

The only other adult slippers I've ever worn (and worn and worn and worn) are Fiber Trends Felted Clogs. I can't count how many pairs of those I've made over the years. Everyone who sees them wants a pair. (Which means family members, because who else sees you in your slippers?) I'll probably make another pair for myself soon, because, frankly, the soles on the Duffers aren't going to hold up very long.

The clog pattern has a double sole which doesn't start showing any wear for a couple of years. That accounts for the extra hour of knitting time per slipper vs. the Duffers.

Yes, that's right: Two hours per Duffer, three hours per Felted Clog. In the knitting world, that's known as instant gratification.


Winnie said...

Love them! What great gifts! Nothing better than toastie feet! Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

denise said...

Love a soft bottom slipper - and they're almost impossible to find these days. I don't like to put the hard-soled slippers on the couch because it feels like putting shoes on the couch. But soft-soled slippers just feel like socks on the couch... I know - I'm weird!

Anyway, just found a great soft-soled slipper at the store, but now that they're home I'm finding that they are shedding like a dog...little black tufts all over the place...Sigh...just when I thought I found the perfect one!

Anyway, all of your slippers look great. You are SO talented - and in so many different ways. Color me envious!