Thursday, December 13, 2012


You remember that game, don't you, where you lay a bunch of card pairs down and then flip one over and try to find its mate? Well, leave it to Martha to up the style factor. And leave it to Grandma Debbi to make a set for the four youngest grandchildren.

The craft supplies live in the multi-purpose room above our garage, but I toted the paper cutter and stacks of printed paper and cardstock over to the house so I wouldn't have to heat the office. I've been doing that for a week now, without returning anything to its spot in the craft closet. I'm going to need a pack mule to put everything away.

At any rate … we're going to see those little ones Saturday, so I needed to work on the game yesterday to give it plenty of time to dry. Eight of the tiles have letter stickers on them, two for each of their first-name initials. The rest are little shapes punched from scrapbook paper.

I found a suitable box, covered it with cardstock and today I will wrap everything we have for them.

And then I need to bake. The butter and cream cheese are softening on the counter, to be made into Pecan Tassies. I stocked up on saltines for Saltine Toffee. I'll probably make some kind of fudge or candy, not sure yet.

I walked three miles yesterday, with a friend, on a road that runs by a little creek. The time went by so quickly, and we both enjoyed the walk. I've been trying to do pliés when I think about it, to work on my inflexible hips. They're more of demi-pliés at this point, but ya gotta start somewhere.

So there you have it. 12/12/12 is in the books and we're barreling toward the end of the year. Does it feel as though this year has flown by?

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Rennata said...

these look wonderful! I have been wondering what to make the grand nephew, now I know.