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Crazy, crazy world

A Facebook friend wrote yesterday that the world has gone crazy, but he wasn't going to tag along.

Facebook has been down for me the last couple of days. I could get it on my smartphone if I went through the browser, but that's kind of cumbersome and I found myself just staying away. I would check every couple of hours to see if it was back up, and if it still wasn't, I would go knit, or clean, or walk.

Now that it's back, it's crazier than ever, and I think my friend has the right idea.

I have e-mailed my Congressman and Senators, urging them to work on legislation banning assault weapons. My Congressman issued a statement yesterday in which he put "prayer in schools" on the table. Not sure what he meant by that, but he got an extra e-mail (lucky him!).

West Virginia's junior Senator, Joe Manchin, has been all over the cable news networks saying we need to change the way we regulate guns. This is astonishing, as he's infamous for a television commercial a couple years ago in which he uses a gun to blow away the cap-and-trade bill. He's one of the biggest gun-rights Senators in DC.

The cynic in me also says he just got elected and won't have to run again for six years and he can say pretty much anything now. Will we remember in 2018 that he advocated for stricter gun control in 2012? I'd say he's banking on our short memories. Then again, I'm being cynical.

I have also gotten into a Facebook discussion about gun control from which I subsequently removed my comments. Discretion is the better part of valor. And there are some people on Facebook I'd like to stay very far away from.

Your right to own guns does NOT trump my right to expect a safe experience at a mall, movie theatre or school. Very few on the side of gun control are advocating buying back everyone's weapons, as Australia did. (I have, however, seen a couple gun owners offer to give theirs up if everyone else does – a noble thought which they're pretty safe in saying, since everyone certainly isn't going to turn them in.)

The ban on assault weapons expired in 2004. I want it back in place. Forever. Assault weapons aren't very sporting for deer.

Or for humans.


Winnie said…
Such a great post. I am hiding off Facebook these past few days as it has made me more upset and nervous. I agree that nobody needs access to assault weapons. Crazy, such common sense. The line about your right for safety is spot on.
Kathy said…
I agree completely with you. Not sure what putting G0d back in the schools has to do with the loonies out there toting guns that get their jollies gunning innocent people and animals down. I never knew G0d left. He is with us always whether they are praying there or not. I personally think that is a cop out. I personally think being safe should trump the right to have guns. Why have guns? They kill, if you have no intention of killing anyone why have one? If it is your fate to die, having a gun isn't going to save you although you just might get a shot off. Very thought provoking post. I know exactly what you mean about Face Book.

MadAnne said…
If you have time call Rahall's DC office and ask them about the prayer comment. I called and evidently no one had asked about it.

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