Friday, December 28, 2012

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or if you're a Facebook friend, you can skip this post, since you've seen the photos I began posting yesterday afternoon.

If you don't, here's the final shot:

What began as 20 pounds of navel oranges is now this year's supply of marmalade, cooling in jars on the counter. I'll store them in the pantry tomorrow. (I went into a little more detail last year.)

Marmalade is a lot of trouble to make, and there are nearly as many calories in a tablespoonful (50) as there are in a whole orange (62). But nothing says summer and sun and warm and bright, to me anyway, like orange marmalade.

I don't remember ever eating it when I was growing up. I don't buy the commercially made stuff unless I'm really jonesing for it and am all out of my own home-canned sunshine in a jar. I'm not sure why I started making it from scratch, but I can tell you this: There's something about the entire process that just feeds my soul.

And my body, on whole-wheat toast with a pat of butter, thankyouverymuch.

I don't eat it every day, and sometimes a couple weeks will go by without even a taste. But when you want orange marmalade, well, nothing else will do.

Yesterday was another elliptical day, with no yoga or weights. Today is yoga and, hopefully, an afternoon walk, if the temperature rises as it's predicted to. Then we have another winter storm warning for tonight and tomorrow. OH WELL. It is winter, after all.

Two days of eating within my calorie limits. Two days of working out. One thing leads to another …


  1. Hi, this is really a comment on a previous post but I thought you might be interested in this reputable study of high intensity exercise I watched the programme and will try and keep it up as part of my general fitness regime as the last 2 years of waiting for operations made me less mobile and there was a fair bit of comfort eating.

  2. love marmalade! I have made lemon, orange, kumquat and a "citrus mix" when I had a few oranges, grapefruit and lemons and mixed them all together. Someday I hope my citrus trees actually produce some fruit so I don't have to buy it.

    good job on sticking with the routine.

  3. This looks so good. I never had homemade. I am thinking it must be so much better as some in the jar are so sweet. Do you have an elliptical machine at home? I used to use one at the gym and it really was a great workout.. I am thinking of joining the Y. That may spur me on.

    1. We do have an elliptical machine here at home, as well as a treadmill and a rower that needs some repairs. We have good intentions ... I loved working out in a gym when the gym was within walking distance. The closest one to me now is 12 miles away. I joined it when it first opened last year, but I'm not going to join again. Too far to drive ...

      Thank you for the card, Winnie, it came just now and I love it! I just wish Congress were more cooperative. I fear the next four years are going to be just as difficult as the last four due to the obstructionism from the GOP. Seems like the people have spoken and they're just interested in their own agenda, not that of their constituents. I hope the 2014 payback is brutal. (Am I a bad person for thinking like that? Nahhhh.)


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