Sunday, December 16, 2012

If you want to own an assault weapon …

join the military.

Assault weapon is a political term, often used by gun control advocates, typically referring to firearms "designed for rapidly firing at human targets from close range,"[1] sometimes described as military-style features useful in combat.[2] (Definition from Wikipedia)

The NRA remains silent on the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Their initial statement that they were waiting for the facts hasn't been updated, to the best of my knowledge.

The facts are the guns carried by the perpetrator of this horrific crime against innocent citizens – and children – were legal, registered, semi-automatic weapons. How do you defend that? How do you say that's okay?

You don't.

Or at least I don't, but I'm pretty sure the NRA will spin it so their members can feel good about totin' their guns and firin' their arms.

The NRA website claims to be the nation's foremost defender of Second Amendment rights. I'd like to somehow, politely, like a lady, tell the NRA to fuck off.

I have no problem with your Second Amendment rights. If you want to own a musket or a muzzleloader to kill your dinner, you go for it. Even if you want to own a musket or a muzzleloader to defend your property, go right ahead.

As long as the individual attacking you also is armed with a musket or a muzzleloader. The Founders had no concept of the kinds of weaponry available to the well-armed militia 200 years hence. None.

My husband and I had a good day yesterday. We hugged our four little grandchildren often, played with them all afternoon, decorated cookies, opened presents, were so very reluctant to leave.

We're very lucky. And we know it. And we are grateful for our good fortune. But as was demonstrated Friday in Connecticut, it can all go away in an instant.


Winnie said...

Awesome post. Truly such a sad event and sad time for our nation and I don't see it getting any better without change. Change in gun laws, families being more present in the lives of the kids, less "violent" games and movies that are deemed ok for small kids to view etc etc. Mental health issued being addressed and given the proper health care (affordable). So many factors. Glad you got to spend time with the grandkids, as they are our future.

Debbi said...

Thanks, Winnie. You're right on all counts. Thanks for reading. The one sure thing is that there's no simple answer for such a complex question.

Also, apparently the NRA has deactivated its official Facebook and Twitter accounts. Couldn't take the heat, maybe?