Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's a date!

My husband and I are having a date today. If we didn't have a dog (for the record, I can't imagine not having a dog), we'd probably leave really early and stay really late and throw in a movie, along with the shopping and the dinner.

On the other hand, adding a movie to a day of shopping just sounds like way. too. much.

Especially when I haven't been sleeping. I guess it would depend on the movie, but going to one might be a good way to get a nap in. Hmmm. Argo, from what I've heard, would not be a good sleep-through movie. And I think I would be too interested in Lincoln to find it boring.

Besides, I'm too cheap frugal practical to spend money to sleep through a movie. And then there's this:


She's good for about eight hours, probably longer, but after that length of time I start worrying about her. However – I'm pretty sure her daylong nap in the corner of the couch isn't punctuated with anxious thoughts wondering where her people are.

My husband and I will be finishing up our Christmas shopping, which doesn't mean we're I'm finished with the Christmas gifts. But it'll be nice to have a day away from home, where the incomplete and not-yet-started handmade presents lure me away from Facebook and figuring out what to fix for dinner. Heh.

My husband wants to complete his F. Scott Fitzgerald collection, so we'll probably start at Barnes & Noble for those volumes and maybe a couple biographies of the old sport as well. After that it's kids' stuff. My younger and older granddaughters are taken care of, but there are five more grandchildren to spoil.

And so, hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to civilization we go. Leaving the Middle of Nowhere for the big city is a rare occurrence for either of us and more unusual for the two of us. I'm kind of surprised at how much I'm looking forward to it. We'll see how it all works out. My husband is even less of a shopper than I am, and the list is, um, long. But if we start at the bookstore, he can sit in a coffee shop and read while I go spend all the money.

Hmmm, sounds like a plan.

P.S. Thanks very, very much for your kind comments on yesterday's post. The women there inspire me way more than I do them, which is not to negate your sweet thoughts. But if I don't keep things in perspective I'll have to start knitting myself bigger hats! Heh.

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Kathy said...

I always look forward to these little escapes from home. They usually happen when my husband finally comes home off the road. When he was home for Thanksgiving we completed our Christmas shopping. Except for ensuring Santa fills the socks, I am done. YAY. Have a wonderful time. Since I have 3 dogs, I tend to have that problem too and we rush back to let the dogs out.