Sunday, December 30, 2012

Oh, yes, I'm a multi-tasker

Check this OUT!

While I watched West Virginia University's football team get slaughtered yesterday afternoon, I read something like 114 blog posts. Yay, me! I'm all caught up with your Christmases, and am looking forward to some New Year's resolution posts. Laurie is working on it. Anyone else?

Instagram's Weekend Hashtag Project is all about resolutions. I rarely submit photos for the project, but I did this time. Unfortunately it only has 16 "likes," so I doubt if it gets chosen for the wrap-up on Monday. If you search for #whpresolutions on Instagram you can see all of the images – more than 4000 so far.

And speaking of images … Jen posted a beautiful photo essay called "Keep looking up!" a couple of days ago. She's captured some beautiful cloudscapes in northern Ohio.

Another post I especially wanted to point to is Beth's short rant about the fiscal cliff. I'm at the point now where I leave the room when the talking heads start spinning the latest "news" about the "progress" being made. Seems to me the voters have spoken. It's time for Republicans in Congress to start working for We The People instead of They The GOP.

Still on track and still not stepping on the scale. That's another HUGE "yay, me." My theory that each successful day strengthens the foundation for the next one is, so far, true.

For Diandra, and anyone else who has had trouble commenting because of the Captcha roadblock, I removed it (I think). It hasn't stopped the spammers from spamming anyway, so there's not much sense in making it more difficult for people who actually want to say something supportive. Let me know how it works on your end … you could leave a comment! Heh.

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