Saturday, December 8, 2012

The card

I usually make our Christmas card, beginning with a seasonal photo taken the previous year. A couple years ago I took snapped a picture with my BlackBerry (those were the days!) of a snow-covered Jeep windshield in which someone had finger-written "Merry Christmas." I thought that would have been a great card from a couple rednecks living in the Middle of Nowhere.

(We're not really rednecks, we're quite progressive here. Our neighbors aren't quite sure what to think of us. Well, most of them, anyway. Not you, LYNNE! And I'd better stop because, seriously, some of my other neighbors might be reading but how would I know?)

Ahem. Moving on. The windshield photo, was not perfect in one significant way. The resolution of the photo was far too low to produce a good printed image. So, scratch that idea right off the list. I may have sent purchased cards that year.

Last year I made our cards using scrapbook paper and embellishments. I think. They were so not-memorable I can't even conjure up an image of them in my mind.

This year I don't have any suitable photos, except, possibly the cover photo of my Facebook page. However, I also don't have a good photo printer this year. I killed it trying to print photos on tissue paper for Yet. Another. Craft. Project. (No point in linking to THAT project, since it's likely to kill your printer, as well. I've since seen other ideas for transferring photos to canvas, which I hope to try soon. Or before I die, whichever comes first.)
Since tempus is fugiting, I decided to just make this year's card out of words. I'm a word person, and a type person (my first job after my first divorce was as a typesetter in a print shop. Our customers could choose from three fonts: Cheltenham, Avant Garde and Baskerville. Those were the days, the redux!).

Anyway. Here this year's greeting:

That just about covers it, right? If your tempus is fugiting, too, and this card says what you want it to say, then go get it, with a hearty Merry Everything from me. The downloadable Photoshop file is set up to print four-up on postcard stock. If you'd rather print foldable cards, just delete the top half of the image. You can then print on card stock, cut in half vertically and fold to make a 4.25x5.5 card, which fits perfectly in invitation-sized envelopes.

If you have trouble downloading or if the link doesn't work, please let me know and I'll either e-mail the file to you or fix the file. Probably the former, as the latter would take tempus.

Which, as we've already established, is FUGITING!


denise said...

Great card...which reminds me that I should probably send some this year, but so far it doesn't look too likely. Of course, hope springs eternal. Maybe if I would get off the internet and get some things done, it would happen! :-)

Debbi said...

Ask you have to do is download and print. Oh, and address and stamp and take to the post office ... heh. Thanks for reading, Denise!

Debbi said...

"All," not "ask." Sigh.