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The floors are clean(ish) and there is no dust

Thanks for all your insights and input about how much cleaning sucks. Heh. I didn't use the timer method that was suggested by a couple of you, because I'm a realist. Fifteen minutes wasn't even going to get me out of the master bedroom, which is where the vacuum cleaner and I began our long, slow dance yesterday morning. And I had miles to go before I put it (and the lambswool duster) back in its closet.

I didn't mop. Hoping to get that and the bathrooms done today and then I'm going to reward myself with some kind of crafty project. The work-reward technique sometimes works. Unfortunately, since I'm the boss of me, I frequently just go straight to the reward and skip the chores. Because, after, all, who's looking?

One of the things I was trying to say yesterday and didn't get around to is this: The clean bathroom/floor/window/sink/whatever needs to be the reward. I need to get my brain to move from "UGH I DON'T WANT TO!" to "Wow, I feel so good about my lovely home!" But not in a Flylady way.

In the wee small hours of the morning, I thought I might clean the bathrooms before I started writing this post. Writing also is on my reward list. Well, that didn't work out. I did spray the tub with cleaner before I began writing. A compromise. Because I'm a diplomat like that. Maybe I should run for Congress.

Moving on … I finished the second bow headband last night, the green one. I was going to do purple next, but then I thought black might be more versatile for the intended recipient's wardrobe. When I was stocking up on the cotton/elastic yarn, I bought several balls of many colors, including black. I can get two headbands from one ball of yarn and a football game's worth of time, making them quite an economical gift.

Oh, another thing that's on my mind is that I changed the blog layout to incorporate threaded comments, and then I invariably forget to reply to your comments. My bad. I remembered late yesterday and made an effort, and I'll try to do better in the future. So ... comments ... you first! Heh.


Kati Smith said…
Debbi, I abhor cleaning, but do really like a clean environment - so there lies the rub!

I do not have any "routine" to my cleaning - such as Monday is vacuuming day, etc. I tend to clean all aspects of areas of the house whenever there is time and inclination. The up side is that the whole area is really nice and clean. The down side, is that it may be the ONLY area that is all nice and clean!

Obviously, cleaning is not high on my list of priorities...there are so many other more interesting alternatives! It would help if the results didn't start to deteriorate the second it is done...kind of like the depreciation in value of a new car as you drive it off the lot.

Velle said…
Haha! I think we can all identify with procrastination when it comes to housework. Coincidentally, I FINALLY managed to sweep the floor today as well, and even scrubbed the sink in the master bedroom ensuite.

One of the mantras I keep to overcome procrastination is the fact that the mind overcomes inertia in 10 minutes. Which means all I have to do is try and stick at something for 10 minutes and before I know it, I'm on my way to finishing. The problem, of course, is finding the time and inclination to even start. Pooh.
jen said…
It's amazing what can get done in short bursts, but there is nothing like a good long cleaning session to make a real difference. I listen to podcasts or audiobooks when I clean, and then it isn't so bad. My only problem is that the pain in my foot gets bad if I'm on it on our hardwood floors for too long.
Debbi said…
Cleaning is not high on my list of priorities, either. Agree about the results deteriorating almost immediately. I already need to run the dust mop today, after a good, thorough vaccumming yesterday. Grrr.
Debbi said…
After all I did yesterday I couldn't even begin to think about cleaning bathrooms. Today, though, one is done and I'm getting ready to begin the other one. Taking a lollipop-and-computer break first! Reward!
Debbi said…
As my day got longer yesterday, my right hip began to hurt more and more. I ended up taking many breaks and got less done that I'd intended. However, I'm nearly caught up now and I'm going outside to walk soon. It's so pretty here, hope you're having good weather where you are.
Debbi said…
Also ... this house would DEFINITELY stay cleaner if it were dog-free. But I just can't imagine life without a dog.

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