Monday, December 24, 2012

'Twas the night before Christmas

I enjoyed my break a LOT! I didn't even try to blog, obviously, other than to post the daily photos to keep up the post-a-day streak. The week before Christmas is a slow time for blogging and blog-reading anyway, and I needed the time away from it.

Especially after Newtown. I'd already said enough. I wanted to write about the NRA's statement, but what is there to say? It could have been an Onion news story. It has been reported that the BBC prefaced its broadcast of the statement with the disclaimer that it was not a joke.

One thing that I still can't figure out – and we may never have an answer – is why, why, WHY did that young man go to that school? That question haunts me.

At any rate … the kindergarten journals were well-received, and my son was very pleased with the Scrabble coasters. He took them to work with him Friday morning, which is where I'd hoped he would take them. (They're not exactly something that would fit with the d├ęcor of their home.) We had a nice, relaxing weekend with very little on the agenda, but we did manage to get out and about.

Four-fifths of a bushel of navel
oranges (less a few I gave to my
son) = future marmalade!
We toured the neighborhood to view Christmas lights, went to the Raleigh Farmer's Market for oranges and fresh-from-the-treetop mistletoe, made a little trip to Fuquay-Varina, ate lunch out twice, went to mass Saturday night and had a very fancy and delicious home-cooked breakfast before I left yesterday morning. My daughter-in-law and I took two long walks, Friday and Saturday mornings, and I even walked a mile when I got home yesterday afternoon.

So far today it's raining, raining, raining, so I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up that streak, but I should have a little time for the elliptical.

Today I will clean and buy groceries and cook. We're going to an open house before church this evening and my mother-in-law will be joining us for dinner tomorrow. Very low-key and simple – I feel like I've already had Christmas over the weekend.

I wish you all a lovely holiday.


denise said...

Sounds like a nice, relaxing holiday. By contrast, here at my Mom's house, we are preparing for an invasion - One brother and his wife and "grand dog" live here. The other brother, wife, two "kids" and grand dog will be arriving this afternoon. My mother and I will host the kids (17 & 20 now!) and the parents will stay with my brother.

It will be a hectic couple of days, but that's not a bad thing...for a couple of days at least! We've been non-stop preparing for the holidays for the last week that I've been home, so I will be looking forward to a little relaxing time at the end of the week when company is gone and Christmas is all over!

Hope you have a great holiday there in the middle of nowhere. And, hope your rain turns to a lit snow shower - you know, the kind that looks pretty but only sticks to the grass and not the roads!

Debbi McNeer said...

I kind of wish for the hectic-ness, but I'm sure by the time I go to the grocery, bake some rolls and a pie and tidy up the house I'll be wishing we were going out for dinner!

denise said...

BTW - even in this morning's paper there was an article about a boy arrested in Oklahoma the very morning that Newtown happened. His mother reported to his therapist that he spoke of shooting up his school and he was arrested. Now she's saying she thinks she overreacted and that she knows that her son would never have really done anything...hmmm...haven't we heard that over and over again after the fact - that no one believes that the person could have done such a thing? Very hard to know the right answers, and like you, I keep trying to figure out what would go on in someone's mind to make it seem like these mass murders are somehow what they need/want to do ...

And, don't get me started on the armed guards in schools thing...All it would take is a small group of students to decide to "kid around" with the guard or maybe even attack him with the intent of disarming him, and it's another type of tragedy ...