Monday, January 21, 2013

Abraham, Martin, John … and Barack!

A President's second inauguration seems less exciting, none more than today's. The thrill of seeing America's first African-American President take the oath was immense, amazing, historic. And while all inaugurations are historic, the one four years ago was truly one for the ages.

Today is a little more low-key. We had a big party last year. My dad had a pacemaker put in on Inauguration Day in 2009. And now he's gone more than two years. He would have loved this election cycle and this inauguration. He loved politics, all his life. And he loved the Obamas, especially Michelle.

This year we've invited just one other couple to watch the festivities (and share lunch!) with us. Because you know I'm not having any kind of celebration, large or small, without food. Quiche and fruit salad, with banana-nut bread and these chocolate-crinkle cookies.

Enjoy your day. Own it. Seize it.


Kati Smith said...

Have a wonderful time! I am not sure if I will get to watch - unfortunately. I agree that the second inauguration of Obama is not as electric as the first, but the fact that there IS a second one is very satisfying!

Debbi McNeer said...

You are SO right, KatI!