Monday, January 7, 2013

And on the seventh day …

she crashed.

I don't know what happened yesterday around here. It was a grey and chilly day, but that hasn't stopped me before. I simply could not put one foot in front of the other to do any kind of walk or elliptical workout. I was fatigued beyond belief. I managed to throw together a pot of vegetable beef soup before I took a nap, and right after we ate it (well a couple hours later) I went to sleep. In the past 24 hours I've been asleep for 15 of them.

Good thing I'm flexible. Today's my rest day, but I'll get out and walk anyway and count yesterday as the day off. (I'm feeling quite normal, as if I've had a good night's sleep. WHICH I HAVE!)

Calories were well below normal all last week. See? (Pay no attention to Tuesday! I forgot to eat lunch and it was New Year's Day and I thought I'd be eating enough football-watching snacks to make up for it. But I didn't.)

Flexibility will definitely pay off this week, as I will be traveling beginning on Thursday. Being away from home always, always, always screws up my food-and-exercise plan. Not the exercise so much as the food. I just think when I'm not at home I can go crazy, and you know what? I CAN'T!

It will be easy to get the daily walking done. I'll probably skip the yoga and weight-training sessions on Friday and Saturday. Most of all, I'm going to enjoy visiting with my daughter and her family, who I didn't get to see during the holidays.

As I look back over what I've written, it appears that this 'diet' or 'plan' or 'whatever you want to call it' could be construed as a roadblock to having a good time. I prefer to look at it as a bridge. And I will be dancing across that bridge all the way, to the end of my days. Eating reasonable portions of healthful food and moving my aging body will never be a reason to sit in a corner and wish life were different.

The reason I'm back in the saddle again is me. Just as the reason I need to be back in the saddle again is me. I'm trying not to think about all the times I've been back in the saddle and not seen results. I'm sticking my fingers in my ears and babbling "lalalalalala." I'm seeing the miles add up and the calories stay within limits and counting those as results.

But I saved a couple pairs of too-small jeans when I cleaned out the closet. Just in case.


gingerzingi said...

I think babbling "lalalala" is a legitimate method. You can't directly control how much you weigh - you can only control what you eat and how much exercise you get. So it's useful to focus on that instead of a scale number that may not respond logically. A little blind faith will probably take you a long way :)

Debbi McNeer said...

Well I sure hope so. You of all people know EXACTLY where I'm coming from. Good to have that babbling strategy affirmed!

Vickie said...

You probably saved yourself from getting sick, by sleeping when you really needed it. I have a day like that every once in a while and that is what I always think - body was fighting something and needed to conserve energy for the fight.