Monday, January 28, 2013

Be careful what you wish for

Today's post has absolutely nothing to do with fitness or weight loss or counting calories. Well, at least starting out it doesn't, who knows where I'm going to end up?

I'm electing to begin receiving my Social Security benefits in May, when I will turn 62 and before the GOP does anything to destroy them. Heh. I mentioned to my husband on Saturday that we might want to think about replacing my car at some point, since we'll have a little extra income.

You guys are SO SMART. You know exactly where this is going, don't you? He decided to take my car – the one in the garage with the all-wheel drive and no snow on the windshield – to church yesterday morning, since there were snowy and ice patches on the roads. Less than five miles from home, he hit a deer. Head-on.

He's fine, not a scratch, THANK YOU GOD. The airbags didn't even deploy. The deer is quite dead, however, and so, we think, is the car. We'll find out today if it can be repaired, but it has 120,000 miles on it and might not be worth fixing.

The front end is quite smashed. Radiator, left headlight, bumper – all are crumpled and broken. With little tufts of deer fur here and there. Ick.

I elected not to go to church yesterday and  – amazingly! – was within earshot of my phone when he called. Driving his truck, I delivered a warm coat and gloves to him while we waited for the authorities. NOTE TO SELF: When the weather is bad, always toss some warm outerwear in the car. You never know.

So we'll be spending the day at the repair shop, hoping for the good news that the damage isn't as bad as we think it is, but preparing for the possibility that we might have to go car shopping.

I'm just grateful he's not in a hospital bed. We can take care of the car, one way or another. And I'd rather take care of it together than on my own.


Diandra said...

Good thing you've got deer on your car. Or at least in Germany it would be a good thing. Insurance and everything.

We put a bag with additional scarves, gloves, a blanket and some dry cookies in our car, in case we ever get lost out in the middle of nowhere.

And TG your husband is okay! You might want to check a little closer on him for a few days, though...

Vickie said...

I had a friend who in the space of a week, had three cars in her family, all different people driving, totaled by deer collisions. None of them were hurt either.

Your husband was very lucky. Very glad for you.

My son has a large bin with a lid in his trunk with heavy coat, boots, sleeping bag, etc. He drives long distances, with part of it in mountains, on occasion, you just never know. And you have that sort of driving on a very regular basis.

denise said...

So glad he's ok. My friend who came to be with me at the hospital the day of surgery hit a deer on her way home that night. Fortunately, she saw it slightly in advance and was able to brake and hit it at a slow speed

denise said...

Crazy iPad issue again. Anyway, she was fine as was her car and possibly even the deer - she couldn't find it after. So I guess this is deer hitting week. Glad I'm in rehab and don't have to worry about that! ;-)