Saturday, January 5, 2013

Clash of the photo ops

The first 2013 Instagram Weekend Hashtag Project is 'waiting.' (#WHPwaiting)

Fat Mum Slim's word for the day is 'movement.'

I'd say those are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

I haven't decided to jump on board with a year of Weekend Hashtag Projects. I only did a couple last year – easy ones I knew I could complete without too much thought or trouble or travel.

I've definitely decided to jump on board with FMS's photo a day project. Again. For some reason I am able to make some part of my daily life work with Chantelle's prompts, while I tend to make the weekend prompts a little more complicated.

AND IT DOESN'T MATTER ANYWAY! Since you and I are the only ones who see them. Heh.

Yesterday, approximately 3 p.m. Looks like it should be 10 p.m.!
I waited until fairly late in the afternoon yesterday to walk, hoping to get outdoors at the warmest part of the day. It was windy and still very cold (upper 20s) when I left the house. Three miles and an hour later I was back home and STILL cold. I was cold all evening.

I. Don't. Like. Being. Cold.

We should hit the low 40s today – it will seem absolutely tropical compared to yesterday. I have plans to meet a friend this afternoon to walk along a little creek. We've managed to do this several times in the past two or three weeks; it's so much more fun to walk with someone who brings walking topics with her.

Her first topic was 'why do they call it – # – a hashtag instead of a number (or pound) sign?' My guess was that it must be part of computer language nomenclature, and I also noted that those who tweet use it more than other groups in general. I had no idea at the time if I was right or not, but she bought it and we moved on. Heh.

We actually don't need prescribed topics, as we always seem to have plenty to talk about. And if it's really cold this afternoon, well, between the two of us we'll have plenty of hot air to blow around.


Vickie said...

last year I was in snow pants (over my exercise clothes) for most of winter. Yes, I felt like a toddler. This year found VERY heavy sweats that are very fitted through the waist/butt/hips, but then boot cut so they pull on easily over my shorts/capris and also hang nicely over my winter boots. In the evenings, before bed, I am IN a sleeping bag on the couch. Very silly, but I get in bed toasty warm and it is making a big difference in my sleep.

Tamara Tipton said...

The weather here never gets that cold (Texas) but today it is rainy, and that makes it feel colder. I love the idea of snow and colder weather, but I don't think I would care much for the reality. :)

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