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Six years and 2,643 posts later

That's how long I've been blogging. It started here. I added a photo blog beginning in January 2008, but then decided to just post the photos here. It's much easier on me to only be managing one blog.

It's fun to go back and look at all those pictures, though.

My very first Project 365 photo: homemade apple pie.
That tells you everything you need to know about me
and my priorities, doesn't it? Heh.
My favorite post of all time, the one that comes to mind when I ask myself, "Self, what's your favorite post of all time?," is this one.

Is anyone reading this blog who started out reading Shrinking Knitter from the get-go? My first commenter  – January 30, 2006 – suggested I was being too hard on myself and encouraged me not to give up.

I guess you could say I took her advice. FINALLY.

The second comment came on the first post in February, from my friend Nancy, who I met online in 2005, and who died four years ago. She was my first internet girlfriend, and we were great friends. We had knitting, dieting and sobriety in common. You don't often find that soul-sister combination. Wow, do I ever miss her.

Anyway … thanks for reading all these posts for all these years, months, weeks and days. I love blogging. I've occasionally taken some time away from it, but I've always come back.

I'm getting ready to pack the car for a little weekend getaway. I'll be taking the daily photos, but may or may not post them while I'm gone. I definitely won't be writing a daily post. (Yay! You get a break!) Writing, for me, is a solitary exercise. Spending time with people I love and don't often see trumps writing a few paragraphs daily.

I'll be back next week, all full of myself, relaxed, refreshed and ready to rock. Thanks for reading.

No. Really. Thanks for reading.


denise said…
I've been with you from Shrinking Knitter days. Not sure , but I think pretty cose to the beginning actually. If I didn't start at the very beginning, I definitely went back and caught up at some point, as I remember that first post.
denise said…
And by "cose" I mean "close" ... For some reason my iPad would not allow me to correct that ... So annoying when computers get a mind of their own!

Anyway, I wanted to continue before the iPad so rudely cut me off,
denise said…
UGH... It did it AGAIN! So I'll quickly say that I have really enjoyed reading every one of your
denise said…
2,643 posts. (sorry - my iPad has a mind of its own today)
denise said…
OK. Now I'm at the computer, so let me say in a much more cohesive fashion, that I've been with you from the beginning, never miss your posts (although I sometimes get behind in reading them) and have very much enjoyed and appreciated reading about your life and your journeys in many different areas of life.

Sometimes I think you must be my "sistah from another mistah," so to speak, as so many of your posts hit so close to home for me!

AND, I fully intend to stick around and see what the next 2,643 posts bring. Can't wait to continue the journey and see where it takes us. Don't ever think your posts are unread or under appreciated, 'cause I'm here to tell you it isn't so! :-)
MaryFran said…
Happy 6 years! I recently hit the 6 year mark on mine also! (old timers we are!) I have never really integrated my 365 pics (which I keep saying I want to restart) in with my main blog....maybe I should start!
AlisonH said…
I can see why that's your favorite post. Lots of happiness in it. Congratulations all around!
Shauna said…
Hurrah! 6 years of wonderfulness, that sure went quick :)
I'm a brand new reader! (well not BRAND new, but relatively new). and with that, a pretty new blogger. it seems like I have a lot to catch up on!
Anonymous said…
Holy cow - you were LIVING IN SIN for nine years???

And yes, I do remember that post. Re-congratulations for such a good decision.
Jennifer said…
Please join us for a Friday Flash Blog, where you can share your favorite posting of the week and see what others are talking about at
Debbi McNeer said…
Thanks so much, Denise, you've been with me through thick and thick, and I appreciate it! I'm hoping we'll get to the thin part soon. =)
Debbi McNeer said…
Thanks for reading, MaryFran. It's SO much easier just maintaining one blog, and I label the photo entries with the date and subject, so it's the reader's choice whether to skip or view. And congratulations on your six years of putting it out there!
Debbi McNeer said…
Thanks, Alison! So glad we've made the connection again ... I lost track of lots of knitting buddies when I stopped getting the KnitList on Yahoo. Feels like a reunion running into old friends again!
Debbi McNeer said…
It did, indeed! Your comments THRILL me, did you know that? Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Debbi McNeer said…
Blogging - both reading and writing - has been so very rewarding for me. I hope it will fulfill some corner of your soul, as well. Thanks for reading!
Debbi McNeer said…
Well, we called it shacking up, most of the time.

Okay, your comment reminds me of a Facebook conversation I recently saw:

Person A: Rachel Maddow for President!
Person B: Well, the US might be ready for a woman President, but not a gay woman.
Person A: Rachel's GAY!?!?!

Debbi McNeer said…
Thanks for the invitation! Am off to find something worthy ...
Vickie said…
I remembered reading your favorite post (wedding) when it happened (love that post too) and I had been reading you for a while before that time. Congrats on your blogiversary

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