Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The antepenultimate day

When I get home from a trip I'm all revved up and peppy the day after, glad to be home, excited about getting back to normal, doing laundry and fixing dinner and – well, you get what I mean, don't you?

It's the day after the day after I get home when I crash and burn.

That would be today.

Yoga is on the agenda this morning and I hope to walk this afternoon, after the rain-rain-rain has moved out. I remember my dad asking, during a long stretch of back-to-back-to-back rain, "Think the rain will hurt the rhubarb?" I forgot to look at the rhubarb yesterday when I was out checking on the daffodils. I did notice some bright green cilantro in the herb garden, though, perhaps I should make chili for dinner.

Two other things on today's schedule: a dentist's appointment this morning. The denture adventure continues, heavy sigh. I believe a relining is in my future. I hate the damned thing, it's so uncomfortable. So there's that to not look forward to.

And the prison AA meeting tonight. Which really is something to look forward to.

Right now, I'm off to salute the sun, or at least the direction of the sun. Apologies for a kind of blah post. And before I forget it, here's a cause we can all get behind. Thanks for the awareness check, Audrey.


Vickie said...

I have driven thru Beckley, WV about a zillion times over the years. Feel like I was probably in shouting distance.

Debbi McNeer said...

Beckley and Princeton are equidistant from me, and since the roads are better I usually "shop" in Princeton. The drive from our place to Beckley makes me sick to my stomach. Too many hills, curves, twists and turns!