Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We. The People.

I loved how he said it, repeated it, emphasized it.

WE – pause – the people.

Working together, we can make the American dream come true. Playing party politics won't – can't – accomplish that. The 112th Congress accomplished less than any previous Congress in our history. This outgoing body passed fewer laws than any in our history. Which is probably a good thing, since the legislation introduced by its members restricted freedoms for women, minorities, voters.

Those crying for freedom to carry guns sure don't care that they also want to restrict any and/or all of the remaining ones. I'm just sayin'.

Ah, but yesterday was a good day, a hopeful day. A day to put all that aside and feel buoyed up by pomp and circumstance and music and speeches and toasts and little girls and prayers and an amazing First Lady. And an equally amazing President.

I'm sappy and sentimental about my President. Especially on Inauguration Day. Four more years.

Bring it on.


wendy said...

I'm certainly not as optimistic or gung-ho as you are about politics, but the simple fact that Obama is ending the wars in the middle east and bringing home our troops is enough to satisfy my expectations.

Winnie said...

Beautiful ceremony and family.