Thursday, February 28, 2013

A first

Well, maybe not. But a first in a long, long time.

Last night we watched Argo on pay-per-view. AND I DID NOT KNIT!

That's right, folks, I finished the Irresponsible Tam a few days ago. (One of the most unflattering hats I've ever made, sorry to say. I tossed it.) And there's nothing easy on my needles at the moment, and easy knitting is required for television watching. So I simply turned out the lamp and we pretended we were in a theatre.

Our local movie place doesn't have an especially good sound system, so I'm glad it worked out that we could watch this film at home, where we could control the volume and actually hear what was going on. Lots of clandestine conversations would have been lost to both of us had we watched it at the Ritz.

You may have heard that you'll be on the edge of your seat the last 30 minutes of the film, even though you know how it ends. SO TRUE! It really was intense. Not my normal movie choice – I like comedies and romances more than thrillers – but it certainly kept me engaged. The characters were well-cast, particularly the roles played by Alan Arkin and John Goodman.

Walked outdoors yesterday afternoon, surprise, surprise. The predicted precipitation held off all day. We have powdered sugar snow on the ground now, and I don't think we'll have any significant accumulation. The weather people are absolutely intent on covering their asses this year. We've been under far too many Winter Weather Advisories that just didn't happen, sending people running to the grocery for French toast bread, milk and eggs. And beer. Heh.

Because of the cold and slippery streets, I'll be working out indoors. Not sure how I'll distract myself. I have a few things on the DVR I could watch, and more than a few books/magazines on the Nook I could read.

One thing is for sure: While I'm on that machine, I'll be wishing I was outside.


denise said...

I so wanted to see Argo in the theater and by the time I had the time and felt that my leg might tolerate it, it was gone. But this gives me hope that it will still be a good thing to see at long as I turn out the lights and let myself become immersed in it.

I have a very bad habit of allowing myself to get distracted and either walk away from a movie or do a lot of fast forwarding when I'm viewing at home, so I generally don't bother to watch many movies other than at the theater. This one sounds like it's worth a try though.

jen said...

I loved this movie. We saw it in the theater but I don't think that's required.

Shannon Beth said...

I've been wanting to see Argo for a while now, but our local movie theatre has weird movie times. Ben's acceptance speech at the Oscar's was moving, and I'm looking forward to seeing it even more so now. I just joined up for the NaBloPoMo for March and I'm looking forward to reading along with you! I love that your blog is all about knitting AND running AND eating. A great combination!! :)

Debbi McNeer said...

Great to have you, Shannon!

Debbi McNeer said...

I didn't think about it at the time, but turning out the lights made the experience much more theatre-like. I'll be doing that again.