Sunday, February 10, 2013


You know how "they" say to switch things up every now and then to keep it interesting? Could be a workout routine, could be your diet, could be (in my case) your husband. (My current is my fourth.)

(Okay I was kidding about "they" suggesting you switch husbands, but I'm not kidding that my current is my fourth. What can I say? I'm a slow learner. Or impatient. Or ...)

No, here's what's changing: I'm switching to the body-fat scale AND, to make life truly exciting, I'm switching my official weigh-in day to Monday, which is when LoseIt!'s week begins. Having the week begin on Monday and having my weigh-in recorded on Friday has been bugging the teeny-tiny-little OCD part of my brain.

For that matter, Daily Mile begins its week on Monday, as well. It'll be so nice to have everything tracked from the same starting point. (And while we're talking about Daily Mile, do check out the widget in the right-hand sidebar that shows my total miles this year. I'm really loving seeing that number get bigger. It's a nice counterpoint to the scale number.)

I expect a loss tomorrow. If you read my post on Friday, you'll recall there's a three-pound difference between my two sets of bathroom scales, with the body-fat scale showing the lower weight. So I feel like I'm giving myself a pass, in a way, but it's not just a pounds pass, it's an emotional pass, as well.

And who knows which one of them is weighing accurately? If I wanted to get real nitpicky about it, I could weigh myself on both of them and average the results. But I DON'T want to get nitpicky, I just want to follow my plan and lose a pound a week. I'm hoping on those weeks where I don't lose, there might be a slight difference in body fat. And if not? Well, I live in a county where three rivers conflux. There are plenty of bridges to jump from.


P.S. Sending good thoughts for strong muscles and endurance and, yes, patience, to my pals in the northeast and Canada. I hope your electricity stayed on and there's maybe a teen-ager nearby who can help you shovel out. So glad the storm has passed, but the aftereffects can be even more damaging. Wishing you well.


jen said...

I want to warn you that the body fat numbers fluctuate a lot, just like total weight. I have had some kooky body fat readings -- especially when my hydration was messed up. Also, this number changes slooowly. I like that Fat Watch converts body fat % into body fat weight, but you could easily calculate that yourself. I also like to subtract that number out to see what my lean weight is.

Remember that women carry more fat than men, so don't start comparing numbers with your husband.

Vickie said...

I think you are smart to just switch scales and days right now, while you are in early stages. It will be harder to switch later. And I agree that all the reasons you state are better for you, because it is what you want. So, you might as well just change now so it doesn't fret you. I think there are a lot of advantages for many people in Monday weigh in (so they don't go off track on the weekends). But I suspect you are a lot like me that weekend isn't really any different than week day because we are both on our own schedule most everyday.