Sunday, February 17, 2013

Crazy good

A few things about the first half of the weekend that have been crazy good:

Driving my car!
We've been relying on and sharing my husband's two-wheel-drive, no-frills, standard-transmission, lightweight pick-up truck for transportation for nearly three weeks. We decided to take a longish drive to not-so-nearby Roanoke to see a movie yesterday, since the Escape is finally back home where it belongs. Setting the cruise control? Crazy good.
Skipping lunch.
One look at me and you know I rarely skip a meal. The way the schedule worked out yesterday, however, there just wasn't time. We stopped at the co-op market across from the theatre and picked up a little locally made peanut-butter-topped-with-chocolate treat to eat before the movie started. I scanned the barcode and LoseIt! said it was 610 calories! So I only ate half of it. Still … a crazy good treat, lemme tell ya.
Silver Linings Playbook.
What a good flick. I mean, WHAT A GOOD FLICK! It's at the tail end of its theatre run, so if you want to see it prior to Oscar night (next Sunday, and it's up for all of the big awards), go this week. The acting, the actors, the story, the ending – all of it works and we left the theatre feeling like maybe being crazy isn't such a bad thing after all. In other words, crazy can be good. (And keep in mind, my husband is a retired shrink.)

The Grandin.
A charming little treasure of a theatre, tucked in a crazy-cool neighborhood in Salem, Virginia, near Roanoke. A couple times a year we drive 90 miles, one way, to see an offbeat film that will never hit the southern West Virginia theatres. SLP actually has been playing here, but we felt like making a day of it, and we also wanted to visit the used bookstore there.

Too Many Books.
The dearth of bookstores in southern West Virginia is the crazy part of this paragraph. There used to be a Waldenbooks in one of the malls, but it closed up years ago, and was replaced by, oh, who knows? Probably a NASCAR fan shop. (No offense intended if you love NASCAR.) My husband's been on a Hemingway kick and I've been wanting to read Grapes of Wrath ever since I found the Tom Joad Lives Facebook page. Mission accomplished: Five paperbacks and a hardback Hemingway biography for around 30 bucks. A crazy good deal.
We couldn't help stopping for a cuppa before we headed back home. I had a mocha, he had a plain coffee (with a free refill) and while he started reading the biography I checked my texts. We began sharing our thoughts about the movie and the young lady next to us said she hadn't seen it yet, so we did our best to convince her that she needed to take a study break and go to see this crazy-good movie. 
Fiesta Crockpot Chicken.
My current favorite slow-cooker recipe is soooo easy to put together and soooo delicious and it's soooo crazy to have dinner on the table five minutes after you walk into the house after being gone for seven hours.
Mmmm, mmmm, good.


jen said...

I saw Silver Linings Playbook twice and just bought the book.

Debbi McNeer said...

I'm pretty sure the book is in my future, as well.

Vickie said...

I think Walden's closed everywhere. I think they bought another chain or another chain bought them, and then another sale or two later they ended up as part of Borders before it went down the drain.

We have a crazy good used bookstore here. The largest I have ever seen. They estimate over 175,000 titles and I think that is on the low end. And they know where every title is, without having to look up anything. Youngest and I got there on a very regular basis.