Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Heart Day!

I hope your Valentine's Day is simply lovely! So far, so good around here. My husband brought a rose home for me yesterday, which absolutely illustrates the compromising nature of our relationship.

We both would have tucked into a box of chocolates, which neither of us needs, so that wasn't even considered. I love, love, love flowers. If money were no object, I'd have fresh flowers every week, all over the house. He, on the other hand, thinks flowers are silly and useless and a complete waste of money.

A lovely, single red rose is his way of saying, "I acknowledge that you love flowers and thank you for letting me get away with one instead of a dozen." Heh.

Also, happy second day of Lent. Everyone who gave up sugar and/or chocolate for Lent is probably wishing Easter were later this year.

We're not Catholic and don't feel a religious need to make a Lenten sacrifice. But when we were walking together Tuesday we talked about what we could do to mark the season. He's been on a clean-and-purge mission and would love for me to be there, as well. So we agreed that by the time Easter got here we would have divested ourselves of a lot of stuff, with the bulk of it going to Goodwill.

Then I found 40 Notes in 40 Days. And even though Day One has already happened, I think I'm going to play catch-up and complete the list. I probably won't be handwriting and mailing them if e-mail will work. Some of the people on my list are no longer living, so I might write my notes here on the blog. At any rate, I love the idea and am grateful to the Fat Pastor (who is getting less fat by the minute!) for creating it.

If you're not Catholic, do you have a Lenten mission?


Diandra said...

No lent mission. Last year I gave up caffeine (for a whole year), just to see whether it would change anything for my health. It didn't, so I happily reintroduced it.

I do not see how giving up anything for lent would make someone a better person. Same problem as with New Year's resolutions. Either do it because you think it is important, or don't.

Vickie said...

Love this post and the link. Adding them both to my Lent Collection for next year.

Audrey Humaciu said...

I am Catholic and am giving up sweets this year. I am hurting already after spending 3 hours updating my site to find out there is some conflict that is not letting me share my posts correctly on FB or G+. All I wanted was a little sugary comfort. but I have resisted so far.

Winnie said...

I am not good at "giving up" anything. I never felt that me giving up chocolate for instance made me a better person or that it was really a "sacrifice". I do love the idea and followed back to read more about the letter writing. I am thinking Random Acts of Kindness may be in order for me to do. I am behind already, but plan to do somethings like that. My valentine's day was interesting. A cardiologist appt at 7:30 am for hubby (spent Mon at ER so we wanted a check....still waiting for insurance company to ok tests...Said THURS of next week..Seriously...), followed by tea and lunch for me, and a wake for his aunt. It was different. Glad to be home and just resting. Tomorrow back to work. Have a great evening!!

Debbi McNeer said...

Oh, Winnie, it sounds like you had a really challenging Valentine's Day. I hope your husband is all right. Spending a day in the ER is bad enough. Waiting for an insurance company to authorize tests, though ... well, you know how I feel. Let the doctor order the tests. The insurance company's job is to pay for them. Grrr. Hoping you have a good weekend!