Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's melting, it's melting!

The current local temperature, according to the weather widget on my phone, is 37°. I'll take that. It might rain, and I'll take that, too. It's probably not going to get too much warmer today, maybe five degrees, but RAIN CAN'T TURN INTO ICE AT 37°!

Which means I'm going out today. Did you hear that? I'M GOING OUT TODAY! In the truck. To town. And maybe even to walk!

Those dark spots on the driveway are
where the snow used to be. Yay for melting!
I'm pretty darned proud of myself for climbing onto the elliptical every damned day for the past six days. Last time I was outdoors for exercise was exactly a week ago, when I alternated jogging and walking for a little more than four miles. And whether I am able to walk outdoors today or not, the very fact that the snow is melting and there won't be any additional ice (today) to keep me from going out is giving me hope, hope, HOPE!

Sometimes you just have to grab that string of hope and run with it.

Yesterday was less-than-productive, despite my good intentions. I ended up working on a friend's website for a while, then worked out, then fixed dinner (an old-fashioned chicken pot pie, yum!). I took a nap. I did NOT straighten up the secretary, nor did I go through the bookshelves.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Who among you will be joining me there? Heh.

Because I spent an hour on the elliptical yesterday, that 537-calorie serving of chicken pot pie didn't adversely affect my daily calorie count. In fact, I came in well below the target. I'm trying not to eat when I'm not hungry. I eat a snack when I want one. I eat three meals almost every day, I think I've skipped lunch a couple of times and breakfast once since the day after Christmas.

And I'm still having trouble eating at the level recommended by the LoseIt! app. Oh, well, it is what it is, as the young folk say. And if the weight is meant to come off, it will. If not? Oh, let's not go there. Okay?

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