Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Slowest Loser

Late middle-aged woman embarks on yet another weight-loss scheme, this time determined to shed those pounds once and for all. No matter how long it takes, she will prevail in a way that will ensure she never has to go through the process again.

That's my pitch for a new reality TV series, starring me. Heh.

I watched this week's episode of The Biggest Loser while I worked out on the elliptical yesterday. The advantage of watching the recorded version, of course, is you can skip through the commercials, thus squeezing a two-hour program into about 88 minutes. About an hour into the process, I was ready to sit on my ass to finish the viewing, but my husband chose that moment to pop in to see how I was doing. Could I quit then? No, I could not.

Watching the contestants lose four, seven, 11 and 12 pounds in a week is so discouraging sometimes. Real life isn't like Biggest Loser life at all. Real life doesn't include Jillian cracking her whip. Real life means I'm the cook. No matter how much I want to be thinner, I will never spend four hours a day working out, as Francelina – the most recent contestant to go home – admitted she occasionally does.

The method I choose to lose weight and get healthy must be sustainable. It has to work for me for the long haul. Each and every time I've lost weight in the past I have gained it back, plus more. I've tried everything except the slow-and-steady approach I'm doing now. I've always done some plan that got it off sooner rather than later.

As I've said many times this year, I don't feel deprived or hungry or restricted or limited in any way. Nothing is forbidden. If I want a treat, I work it into the plan. I have consistently been below the calorie allotment. I've skipped a couple days of walking/working out and I really miss it, which shows me that it's doing as much for my mental health as it is for my physical health.

Weight training and yoga were lofty goals and I hope to make them a more regular part of my routine. I don't love them the way I love walking. I wish I did. But I have the rest of the year to work on that.

Christmas was nine weeks ago yesterday. I've lost 8.5 pounds. Would I love to drop 8.5 pounds in one week, as The Biggest Loser cast sometimes does? You betcha. But the slow road seems to be working just fine. If I don't get to my goal this year, I'll get there next year. What I'm not going to do is quit.


Diandra said...

Wait, where did I see it... ah, there it is.

I have never watched TBL, neither the US nor the German version. But yesterday I read THIS >>> <<<... which made me even more determined to never, ever watch the program.

Winnie said...

I have yet to watch The Biggest Loser. Both my sisters do. I can't grasp the need for it as I always see the commericals and feel like the people are being used for entertainment while struggling. Their choice of course, just like celebrity rehab etc. Keep it up Debbi, slow and steady and most importantly healthy.

Debbi McNeer said...

Oh, my, what an eye-opener. Thanks for that link, Diandra. I can't say that I'll stop watching. TBL is like a train wreck. But I'll certainly watch it with eyes wide open.

Debbi McNeer said...

I think you're right about the contestants being used for entertainment. As I said to Diandra, TBL is a total train wreck for me. I haven't watched it in years, and am not sure why I decided to begin again. I don't watch any other reality TV (except live sporting events), so it's not that I'm hooked on that genre. I will say that I haven't found anything else that will keep me on the elliptical for more than an hour! So there's that. =)

denise said...

Was just reading some of the blog "Marc & Angel Hack Life" and thought of you and your weight loss journey when I read this (part of an article called "10 Questions you should know the answer to"):

9. How have you celebrated your progress lately?
Focus on the progress you’ve made, on the next positive step, on the silver lining between where you once were, where you are now, and where you’re headed. Do not think of yesterday’s failures, but of the success that is possible today.

Be proud of yourself. The fact that you’re trying is immensely impressive. You have conquered complacency. You are crushing your fears with every new effort you put forth. You aren’t where you want to be yet, but you’re making progress. Step by step will get you there. Even if you feel like you’re running in place, you aren’t. No effort that you make to attain something worthwhile is ever lost. It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you don’t give up.


Thought that said it pretty well. At least you're doing something and making progress no matter how slow it feels! If you're interested in the whole article, you can find it here: