Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trying not to be selfish

While much of the United States is dealing with yet another winter storm, bad roads and massive snowfall, we're getting lots o' rain right now.

Which means there is an elliptical workout in the very near future for me.

I love walking outdoors and hate missing it, but it sure looks like today's going to be an indoor day. And maybe the next few days, as well.

And it feels small and mean of me to be lamenting my forced indoor workout, when so many, many others are truly suffering.

Also, there was a massive fire in Hinton, our county seat, last night, which destroyed more than a dozen historic homes. What a tremendous loss for those families and for the town. No injuries or deaths, thankfully, but oh, my goodness, what a loss.

The row of brick homes were built for railroaders, back when Hinton was a boom town. I loved that row of houses and am so sad they're gone.

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