Saturday, March 16, 2013

Back in December …

I wrote these words:

Rational, matter of fact, steady … that's the goal.

I'd like to report that, for the most part, that's how life has been for the past almost-three months. But in reality, I am not rational, I am not matter-of-fact and I am not steady. I'm not meeting that goal. And both of you are my witnesses.

I'm doing what I've always done (and we know where that leads, don't we?) – focusing on food, being grimly determined, experiencing wide mood swings, having high expectations which lead to falling off a cliff.

My recent thoughts about tweaking the macros is – for ME – a bit problematic, in that I'm now analyzing every bite of food that goes into my body. This behavior has never been good for me. It might work for you, and it certainly works for competitive bodybuilders and elite athletes.

But for me? Not so much. I just want to live a normal-for-me life eating healthful meals, cooked from scratch in my own kitchen. I want to take long walks in the country and feel like I've exerted myself at the end of the day.

I know I sound like a little kid – I don't wanna keep track of carbs! – but there it is. I want calories to count, just as they always have. I want to throw those numbers into LoseIt! and be done with it.

The reality may be that I've developed metabolic syndrome and perhaps do, indeed, need to pay more attention to carbs and protein. But. I. Don't. Want. To. (The blood screen panel I had done in November was quite normal in all respects, including cholesterol and glucose, the two which generally indicate metabolic syndrome.)

It looks like five-year-old Debbi has taken over today's blog. Perhaps the old gal will be back tomorrow. For now, it's Saturday. Time to play.

I started playing yesterday, finishing one of the Easter banners and seven cards, one for each grandchild. The banner will look very cool strung across a mantel or a wide doorway, neither of which I have in my house. So you get to see it strung across the kitchen cabinets. Heh. There will be more of this nonsense going on today, as well as a walk between the raindrops and a movie date this afternoon. I think playing will be the order of the day.

These Easter cards couldn't be easier to make. Cut an egg
shape from a folded piece of card stock, decorate with strips
of washi tape and personalize each with a chipboard initial.
Three-dimensional egg shapes glued to book pages. I didn't cut up a book,
though, I copied a page onto fancy paper and cut the pennant shape from it.

Tight close-up: Each egg is made of three identical pieces, folded and
glued to create the dimensional element. Happy Easter!


Liesl Garner said...

I think the more you are able to have fun and play with your food, the happier you will be! Sounds good.

Vickie said...

I do not track ANYTHING now. I just had to track for a while to LEARN. And now I can just cook and eat. And my percentages stay in line.

Vickie said...

LOVE the Easter art. Was glad you said you didn't cut up a book. Was having little heart flutters until I read down that far. Love the EGGS too.

Kate said...

I love the banner! Such a sweet idea to use The Velveteen Rabbit.